Monday, October 1, 2012

On the 12th day ...

Continued improvement is what we like and we are getting it from our little man.  Hudson's intestines are working so well they took out his suction tube from his stomach and inserted a feeding tube.  The plan is to let gravity take its course with stuff in his belly and let that go through his intestines.  If he is able to work it out of his stoma into his new bag, then he will get small amounts of breast milk tomorrow through his feeding tube!!  This is exciting news!! To us this means his intestines are healed and working properly so now to get the focus on his lungs. 

His blood gases are being spaced apart farther which means his little heals won't endure constant pricking to get blood.  His latest one done at 2 pm read: PH 7.28, CO2 68 (high), acid level +3.  Not excellent numbers but also not terrible.  They are keeping his rate at 300 breaths a minute as to not over-expand his tiny lungs.  His lungs will take awhile to heal, grow and improve to the point that he is able to breathe on his own.  His Oxygen level when we left was down to 45%, compared to mid-60%'s yesterday.  More improvement and tweaking on the JET ventilator. 

He is getting his daily doses of Morphine and Versad (might be misspelled) to sedate him to allow the ventilator to work its magic.  Hudson loves his belly time and was taken off the billy light today, hopeful his number drops from its 4.4 level this morning due to his ability to stool.  Who knew stool could mean so much - introducing feedings and a billy light turned off which means no more goggles!!

Let's hope for another solid night of improved performance and his ability to get his CO2 level down to around 40-50. 

"Look at my new bag, I have already put some stuff in it from my intestines." - Hudson
"Not only do I love my belly time, I also got this orange feeding tube to give me my first feedings tomorrow!! I'm so excited I think I'll nap to pass the time away." - Hudson
"I'm glad they put smaller diapers on me, now I can pee through them and make nurses change my bedding.  This way mommy gets to hold to me, which I love!!" - Hudson

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  1. Yay!! Mommy holding time :) So proud of you little man! Keep up the awesome progress....I can't wait to hear about you getting the liquid gold! The best stuff that you can get..hopefullyyou start gaining weight and improving that much more! I love you little peanut and can't wait to see you! :)