Friday, October 12, 2012

Home Improvements

Hudson has made some major progress this past week, as I'm sure you have read about.  We are more than thrilled to know and learn about his improvement.  Hudson had some very special visitors today, all four grandparents and his aunt Lisa stopped by to say Hi.

The only change that occurred today was increasing his feedings to 6 ml/hour from 5.  He weighed in at 3 pounds 3.5 ounces.  This is almost a pound more than when he entered the world!!! He is tolerating the CPAP but really wants it off (he told me).  Kim held him in Kangaroo care today for over 2 hours!! This is awesome!!

Hudson's isolette had a makeover, courtesy of his mommy and his nurse.  While Hudson was spending some quality time with his mom, the nurses changed his blanket underneath his bed to a Purdue blanket - Boiler up!!! His isolette cover is a fleece blanket that Kim made for it, complete with soccer, football and basketball balls.  Hudson loved it so much, he slept great the entire time I was there today.

"I cry and they give me what I want!  I like this gig." - Hudson

((notice the blanket propped by his mouth...that's so his pacifier doesn't fall out and his hands can be free...he's not spoiled or anything?! closer look below))

"If I freeze and pretend I'm asleep, maybe she'll go away" - Hudson

"Kangaroo care, why do that call me a kangaroo?  My name is Hudson.  It's called Hudson Care!" - Hudson

"Just when I think I can get some one on one time with Mommy, she puts that camera in my face!" - Hudson

"I think I'll just S -T-R-E-T-C-H on my new blanket!  Don't tell Daddy, but I'm really more of a Hoo Hoo Hoosiers fan!  I think Mommy was just trying to be nice to Daddy." - Hudson

"When's my food get here?  I'll be waiting right here, they said I just need to gain a few more ounces and I can put some clothes on!" - Hudson

"They call it my special hat...well give me a not so special one that doesn't have this stupid nose thing" - Hudson

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