Monday, October 8, 2012

Sunday was a BIG DAY!!! many of you may or may not know.  When Hudson was born, he was taken right away by the Riley NICU team.  When Ben and I saw him again he was in this travel isolette in my delivery room.  And then later that afternoon saw him in his isolette in the NICU.  (I call it his box while some others call it his plastic thing) Well his isolette has to be changed out every 2 weeks, which meant I got to hold Hudson today for the FIRST time!  It was only for a few minutes, I told the nurses they could take their time...geesh!  Unfortunately we both weren't able to hold him, but in two weeks Ben will get to do what I did:)  And I'll take pictures of him holding Hudson!

What does getting to hold Hudson look like? 

First Family Picture - Hudson is 18 days old

However, getting to hold Hudson was not as simple as it looks in this picture...below is just a peak at what went in to getting to hold him:)

1. They wrapped him like a burrito

2.  I got to sit and wait in anticipation while they prepped for the move 

3.  Took two nurses to move him and his tubes and his RT to carry his jet box 

4.  Getting him all settled in my arms 

5.  First picture with me holding Hudson...and his RT Andy is smiling in the background:)  He had to squat behind me holding Hudson's jet box to make sure it stayed at a specific angle. 

6.  Another angle of us and all Hudson's baggage... 

7.  A closer picture of Hudson 

8.  The Murray Family 

9.  And they took him back...and inched their way back to his new isolette 

10.  Getting him all situated back in his new home 

Once they got him back home, they had to replace the tape that is holding his tubes in place...easy right..

1.  Get him situated...right now you see hands from 3 different people and the RT hadn't put his hands in the mix yet

2.  Tape his face before they put more tape back on 

3.  Closer view 

4.  He has to be "restrained" and my hands are holding his legs and arms 

5.  All finished and snuggled back in bed 

Daddy and Hudson:)

And the Colts won!!!
Our lil Colts Fan!

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