Sunday, August 18, 2013

Hard working Hudson!

I cannot figure out how to upload videos,  but Hudson started his morning off jumping and jumped himself to sleep!   We cuddled and when I told Hudson this could be the last Sunday he has me all to himself he screamed.   He does not like to talk about or hear about baby #2.  Anyway after nap he ate lunch and then his real workout started.   Sitting up!  Today was a success,  he ended up sitting on his own a few times, once for just over 2 minutes.   I was clapping and praising him and he just looked at me like I am crazy.  Then we practiced getting up on his hands and knees...he wants no part.  I will take one milestone at a time!  and today was the first for trying a sippy cup, he did great with it too!  He will be 11 months tomorrow,  August 19th! 

he's loving his walker,  he is still confused and jumps in it like he does in his jumpy toy.  pic below of our big boy!