Saturday, December 29, 2012


"Daddy loves feeding me!" - Hudson
"I have my own exercise gym!  Mommy put me in my comfy work out clothes!" - Hudson
"This bear is as big as me!" - Hudson

"Did you hear that?" - Hudson
"What was that?" - Hudson

"My new favorite thing to do...nap with Daddy:)" - Hudson

"Colt!!!!  I have been waiting to meet you!!!" - Hudson
"Why does Colt lick me?" - Hudson

"Wow, Colt is so hyper!" - Hudson
"Ready for bed!" - Hudson

Last and First...

So, the only thing that fell in to place yesterday was bringing Hudson home:)

Everything else happened, but not in the time frame we expected.  Hudson's monitor malfunctioned  around 8am and we couldn't get it to shut off and the nurse had to find a screw driver so we could take the battery out.  Our nurse made several phone calls to the company trying to get it to work.  Finally after several phone calls and a few hours later our nurse had enough and told them to bring a new unit because the one we had was useless!  Well, with home care places I guess they say they have a 4 hour window to deliever.  In the mean time the doctor and np came to see Hudson and gave us the go ahead to go home...that was at 10:30am!  By the time a new unit showed up and we left the hospital it was 2:30p!  Only thing Ben and I could do was laugh!!!!  So while we waited Ben got us checked out of Ron's House, got Hudson's prescriptions and took stuff to the car so we didn't have so much when we actually went to leave!  FINALLY, the gal showed up with the new equipment and handed it to me.  While I was hooking it up, Ben and I were asking questions about it and she says..."I just deliver the units, I don't know how to work them"...REALLY!  I wouldn't sign anything until I made sure it worked.  :)  It did work, and it does work.  This monitor alarms if his heart rate goes over 200 or under 80...well let's just say any time his diaper is changed he goes over 200.  You also can't let Hudson cry it out...because his heart rate goes over 200.  When I went to put Hudson in to his car seat to leave the hospital...he and his alarm were NOT happy!  I ended up turning it off until I got him situated.  Turned it back on and away we went!!! Ben had gone to get the the nurse and I were packing him up and wheeling him out in the Riley wagon.  I was just so excited as we were walking out.  And then when I saw Ben outside, he had that same look on his face as he did when I walked down the aisle on our wedding day.  Such a very special feeling!  We got him in the car, got his equipment secured and away we went!  Lafayette bound!  

Then we made Stephanie Sheckles proud!!!  Hudson had his first drive thru experience:)  Taco Bell of course!!!  I needed a scooby snack, I have no other excuse... I'm just an eat sista:)  I laughed and said, Hudson this is your first drive thru experience and Ben said...Steph would be so proud:)  Stephanie is my cousin who is nick named "drive thru":)  She was in fact very proud!

Hudson loved the car ride home!  He slept:)  I called the home care place to arrange oxygen delivery...WHAT A JOKE!  I told them we'd be home by 4, they said call when you are 20 minutes out.  So, 20 minutes out I called back...which was 3:15...we finally got the oxygen delivered at 9:30 last night...and evidently they gave us the wrong portable tank because we can't fill the portable tank with the stationary tank they brought us last night.  So they have to come again today and change out the stationary tank so we can fill up the portable when we need it.  The guy delivering the oxygen was very sweet, but my goodness!  Just frustrated!  

Hudson loves being held...he has to be sound asleep before you put him down.  Otherwise...the alarm goes off because his heart rate goes to high when he cries.  

First night at home was great...we, well I wasn't prepared at all!!!  I had bottles, but hadn't paid attention to what type of nipple they were.  We had all bottles with slow flow...and Hudson hates those.  He doesn't like the NUK nipples at all only the playtex or similac...but those were the slow Ben being Ben tried to save the day with a trip to wal-mart to get the regular flow nipples or whatever is the step above slow flow...but who knew how many nipple choices there were.  He ended up having to go back this morning because the nipples he bought didn't fit the bottles we had.  Thankfully we had several bottles and nipples that came home with us from the hospital for us to use.  

Overall, very thankful for Riley and allowing Hudson to spend the first 101 days there.  The doctors and nurses were God's helpers:)  But we are so excited to spend day 102 here at home! Love my life!

Over the next month, we'll be making weekly trips to Riley for various appointments and the further out we get the appointments will get farther and few between.  Very very very very blessed for our little Hudson:)

Lots of Love and Snuggles from all of us to you!  Have a great day!

Oh, and Hudson gets to meet his big brother here in a few hours...should be interesting!  Will let you know how it goes...

Friday, December 28, 2012

Home Sweet Home!!!!!

Prayers have been answered!!! Hudson is home!

We are exhausted!  Enjoy pictures from our day!!! Fill you in on details later:) 

Only thing that really went right with our day was bringing Hudson home.  And I did well up with tears as the nurse rolled Hudson out to the fresh air!!!  So exciting!!!!!

And Ben is absolutely the best!! Changing diapers, giving medicine, feedings, rearranging things as I need it...:)
Good night!

Lots of love,
Ben, Kim, Hudson & Colt

Thursday, December 27, 2012

100th Day

I remember almost 10 years ago, a friend of mine reminded me that it is all about the Benjamin's (joking of course) and we proceeded to have a great night of memories.  Well, this Benjamin is very happy today, the 100th day of Hudson's NICU living arrangement.  Hudson at this time is not in the NICU, that's right, he is still at Riley but in the Simon Family Towers (quite the upgrade from the NICU).  The reason.......we get to do 24 hour parent care to simulate a day at home with Hudson and his monitor and oxygen that will be with him 24/7.

Assuming we pass the test and competently take care of Hudson and his equipment without any nurse intervention, we can go home on Friday!!!  Kim and I have been trained on how to handle and work with the monitor system which constantly measures his heart rate and apnea.  It will alarm if his heart rate goes above 200 or below 80 beats per minute.  The apnea will alarm if he does not breathe for 20 seconds.  Every time the alarm goes off we get to log all of the information on a sheet.  The monitor system has a memory and once a light goes off we have to call the service provider for them to bring us a new monitor.  If the doctor wants the data off the monitor they can download it and provide that to the doctor for them to analyze.

The machine has gone off a couple of times since we have been in complete charge of Hudson, and it is very LOUD!!!  It is designed to wake one up from a dead sleep anywhere in the house, yes it is loud.  The reason his alarm has gone off is due to a high heart rate.  He gets fussy when we change his diaper sometimes but he quickly resolves it on his own and nothing else is needed.

While the new room is nice, we do miss the nurses from the NICU.  They were nothing short of amazing both professionally taking care of Hudson but also talking with us and getting to know us as people too. It was always reassuring knowing who was Hudson's nurse that shift and knowing they enjoyed taking care of him.  I must admit, as I walked out of the NICU today I shed a tear or two, I'll miss the times we had sitting and talking with the nurses. I cannot say enough about them. We had two nurses walk us over to the new Simon Family Tower and when they left, Kim and I got hugs.  We promised to stop by and say hi on some of our trips back for check-ups at Riley as an OUTPATIENT.  :-)  We also said we will send pictures and cards to keep them updated on Hudson.

The room we are staying in tonight is very new and we both enjoy the amenities.  These include two flat screen TVs, our own bathroom with shower, a wii, fold out couch, desk, recliner, linen closet and a window all from 8 East.  We have a door with blinds in between the window pane and the nurses can open them up to check on us without having to come in the room.  It is very nice, but Kim and I do miss the interactions with the nursing staff when we all shared one big room.

Back to Hudson, he is doing well and should be discharged on Friday - the 101st day.  Kim and I will need to check out of Ronald McDonald's house too before making the jaunt up I-65 north to Lafayette.  He has is follow-up pediatrician appointment on Monday in Lafayette, followed by a follow-up eye appointment sometime next week for his ROP (which is healing great), then sometime in the next month a follow-up with surgery, a 3 month follow-up with Urology and the Pulmonolagist sometime as well.  Just a few appointments for Hudson and those are the ones I know about and can remember.

Hudson will be on oxygen for sometime to help with his breathing.  We were told to keep him away from all open flames!  We will get that delivery tomorrow once we get back home.  He is also on an antibiotic for his stomach incision that has developed a small amount of puss.  His bottom looks great! He has great vocal cords! Overall, he is great!  His weight today was 8 lbs 1.5 oz.  He will get his first of three shots tomorrow to help prevent RSV.  Our friendly reminder about Hudson....

Hudson is still a sick little boy with no immune system right now.  His lungs are not the greatest and we ask that visitors give him time to get accustomed to his new home and keep him healthy by not bringing in any outside viruses or bacteria.  His body is exactly like that of a cancer patient, extra care and caution has to be taken.  We do not want to go back to the ICU.  We know there are lots of people who have prayed and given us words of encouragement for Hudson, please give us time to help Hudson adjust before visitors come see our bundle of joy.  We know everyone understands and may contact us to inquire about stopping by to see him first.  

 Hudson loves feeding time, especially when Mommy does it!!!

Our nurses have been awesome to help decorate Hudson's area with crafts and pictures. 

A view of Hudson's area in the NICU.  That was his home for 100 days.

Hudson's new room for 24 hours.  Notice a difference?  And yes, the bed is just a little big for him.

One of two flat screen TV's, the red wagon I had to borrow to wheel all of our stuff over (it was piled high of stuff). The pull out couch and window. 

The view from the window, its nice but Hudson wants to go home. 

He loves his feeding time and Mommy is the best around to give it to him!

This is his travel equipment. On the left is the monitor that watches his heart rate and apnea's.  On the right is his portable oxygen tank that travels with him when he travels. 

"I get to go home tomorrow if I am a good boy tonight???"   - Hudson

Blizzard ...

Ben and I didn't get to Indy yesterday with the roads.  But I would hardly call yesterday a people like to create news!  We did get a lot done at the house so when Hudson comes home we aren't scrambling too bad.  I am sure we will still scramble.  Everything is out of boxes, wipe warmer is such a luxury!!!! 

Hudson had a great day yesterday!  Sleeps 5 to 6 hours then wakes up for food.  And his nurse last night said he fussed every time he got put in his crib so he either got held or put in his swing.  Lol...he loves to get his way!  Just the beginning though, right?

Insurance...those people will be the ones to age me!  I think they secretly like to talk to me:)  I hope to get stuff straightened out today!!!  But then again thought I had it straightened out last week.

Ben and I are headed down to Indy.  65 is really clear, thanks to the road crews!

Love & Hugs,
The Murray Fam

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Murray Christmas!!!

((I stole the Murray Christmas instead of Merry Christmas from the other Murrays, love it!))

Hudson is one amazing lil guy!  He was bored with the present this morning you can see from his expressions from the pictures below:)  All his really cool gifts are waiting on him at home...along with a big brother!

Hudson was 7lbs 13oz today!  Eye exam went well too! His eye exam was supposed to be tomorrow but because of the weather the docs came in today for all inpatient appointments just in case!  Speaks volumes of the dedication!  Also saw a new person today in our module ...CEO!  He did a walk thru and from what we could tell thanked the nurses and wished them a merry Christmas!  I thought that was also a step above:) 

And then our favorite nnp gave us the best gift ever!!!  The talk about Hudson's discharge!  A lot has to fall in place (training for monitor and oxygen, pediatrician appt, equipment delivery and a few other things)  all in all we could be coming home at the earliest Thursday evening or sometime Friday.  But we won't have any idea until after his test tomorrow to determine his needs.  Otherwise with the holiday it will be next Wednesday before we can head home.  So we shall see.

Even though we will be home, we will be making weekly visits to Riley for his eyes and then other various appts and hopefully becoming farther and few between!  But we will be home!!! 

Will keep you posted:)  Our Hudson is so blessed to have all of you in his life!  You have been faithfully praying and loving him to grow, heal, get stronger, to go home, etc...and to see all the prayers work in him is absolutely breathtaking!  God is so good.  He's got big plans for Hudson. We have lots more growing and developing to do, but it is a marathon not a sprint!  And God's got this!  Hudson(is such a gift!  Best early Christmas present ever...even if he has aged me!

Hudson spent the morning with us and then the nurses were so excited they had him the rest of the day for snuggle time!  Ben and I spent the rest of the day with his side of the family!  Ate way too much food and had a great time visiting everyone!  Hudson got lots of cute outfits and toys!  Between Colt and Daddy all toys have been tested and approved :) 

Tomorrow is last ditch effort to get last minute stuff done before Hudson comes home...exciting and overwhelming!  Laundry and organizing and putting together Christmas toys:)  very excited about my new Colts flag and flag pole although not quite sure Benny will put it up for me tomorrow, with all his shoveling he plans to do. 

Lots and lots of love & hugs from our family to yours!

Enjoy pictures from today...sorry Hudson captions are off tonight , but look real close at each facial expression can imagine what he is saying!  Like the one where he is looking at me like I am stranger danger..."nurse, I don't know this lady!  And why is she holding me!"  Use your imagination:) and then of course our other son...he was tuckered out!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas Eve!

Hudson is 7 lbs 12 ounces and eating any chance he can get!  He also doesn't like to be in bed unless he is sound asleep when you put him there.  The nurses are all getting their snuggles in!  Thankfully he loves his swing and music!!!

We met with a case manager today about discharge and home care needs.  Now we just wait and see what exact needs are along with training and then we are good to go...unless the doc puts the bug squishy to us again!  Hudson has his sleep study on Wednesday so Thursday will be the soonest we know any idea of discharge date.

Merry Christmas Eve from our family to yours!  Make memories!!!

Love & Hugs,
Ben, Kim, Hudson & Colt:)

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Our last Sunday at Riley?

Hudson had a great day!  He eats, is awake for a bit and sleeps now...going 6 hours from feeding to feeding.  He got lots of snuggle time in today ...lots of people saying bye because more than likely we will be gone before their next shift.  Kind of emotional but we promise to send cards and pictures!

Hudson also got the green light from the doctor to test trial room air.  That way he gets breaks from the oxygen and nothing on his face.  He did great for 30 minutes then he was getting sleepy and his numbers kept going down.  So the nasal cannula went back on while he slept.  Anytime he is awake he can be free of his nasal cannula.

He had lots of Daddy love today!  They watched football highlights and snuggled the majority of the day. 

Love & Hugs,
The Murray's

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Sassy Saturday

I wasn't going to update the blog tonight...but my Momma said "her peeps needed an update!"  So here it is:)
Hudson was mad he couldn't go to Granny and Pop-Pop's today!  Ben and I went to Centerville for my family Christmas today.  We had a great time:)  But we all missed Hudson...I got to open Hudson's gifts!!  Hudson will be so excited...Ben has already tested out all the ones that make noise.  I had to take them away from Ben.

Only real update is...he is no longer on an every 4 hour eating schedule.  He makes his own schedule now.  And he weighs 7 lbs 10 oz.

Hudson's has the absolute best nurses!!!!  They love it when we aren't there so they can love on him.  They decided Hudson needed to write Santa his wish list.  OMG!  Those nurses are so creative!!!  They had a photo shoot with him today to add it to his Santa Letter:)  Enjoy!!!!

Hugs & Love,
The Murray's

"Um, do my parents know you are doing this?" - Hudson

"Am I allowed to have candy?  I won't tell my Mom!" - Hudson

"I wonder if Santa will think I'm mocking him..." - Hudson

"My nurses REALLY love playing dress up!" - Hudson

"Being a model is a lot of work!" - Hudson

"I'm strinking a pose...hopefully soon they'll get a shot they like." - Hudson

"I am the best Christmas stocking stuffer anyone could ask for!!!" - Hudson

"What?!  Where is Andrew Luck?" - Hudson

"My Nurses Rock!" - Hudson

"Um, you could have covered up my pampers!" - Hudson

"Santa, I believe!" - Hudson