Saturday, December 29, 2012

Last and First...

So, the only thing that fell in to place yesterday was bringing Hudson home:)

Everything else happened, but not in the time frame we expected.  Hudson's monitor malfunctioned  around 8am and we couldn't get it to shut off and the nurse had to find a screw driver so we could take the battery out.  Our nurse made several phone calls to the company trying to get it to work.  Finally after several phone calls and a few hours later our nurse had enough and told them to bring a new unit because the one we had was useless!  Well, with home care places I guess they say they have a 4 hour window to deliever.  In the mean time the doctor and np came to see Hudson and gave us the go ahead to go home...that was at 10:30am!  By the time a new unit showed up and we left the hospital it was 2:30p!  Only thing Ben and I could do was laugh!!!!  So while we waited Ben got us checked out of Ron's House, got Hudson's prescriptions and took stuff to the car so we didn't have so much when we actually went to leave!  FINALLY, the gal showed up with the new equipment and handed it to me.  While I was hooking it up, Ben and I were asking questions about it and she says..."I just deliver the units, I don't know how to work them"...REALLY!  I wouldn't sign anything until I made sure it worked.  :)  It did work, and it does work.  This monitor alarms if his heart rate goes over 200 or under 80...well let's just say any time his diaper is changed he goes over 200.  You also can't let Hudson cry it out...because his heart rate goes over 200.  When I went to put Hudson in to his car seat to leave the hospital...he and his alarm were NOT happy!  I ended up turning it off until I got him situated.  Turned it back on and away we went!!! Ben had gone to get the the nurse and I were packing him up and wheeling him out in the Riley wagon.  I was just so excited as we were walking out.  And then when I saw Ben outside, he had that same look on his face as he did when I walked down the aisle on our wedding day.  Such a very special feeling!  We got him in the car, got his equipment secured and away we went!  Lafayette bound!  

Then we made Stephanie Sheckles proud!!!  Hudson had his first drive thru experience:)  Taco Bell of course!!!  I needed a scooby snack, I have no other excuse... I'm just an eat sista:)  I laughed and said, Hudson this is your first drive thru experience and Ben said...Steph would be so proud:)  Stephanie is my cousin who is nick named "drive thru":)  She was in fact very proud!

Hudson loved the car ride home!  He slept:)  I called the home care place to arrange oxygen delivery...WHAT A JOKE!  I told them we'd be home by 4, they said call when you are 20 minutes out.  So, 20 minutes out I called back...which was 3:15...we finally got the oxygen delivered at 9:30 last night...and evidently they gave us the wrong portable tank because we can't fill the portable tank with the stationary tank they brought us last night.  So they have to come again today and change out the stationary tank so we can fill up the portable when we need it.  The guy delivering the oxygen was very sweet, but my goodness!  Just frustrated!  

Hudson loves being held...he has to be sound asleep before you put him down.  Otherwise...the alarm goes off because his heart rate goes to high when he cries.  

First night at home was great...we, well I wasn't prepared at all!!!  I had bottles, but hadn't paid attention to what type of nipple they were.  We had all bottles with slow flow...and Hudson hates those.  He doesn't like the NUK nipples at all only the playtex or similac...but those were the slow Ben being Ben tried to save the day with a trip to wal-mart to get the regular flow nipples or whatever is the step above slow flow...but who knew how many nipple choices there were.  He ended up having to go back this morning because the nipples he bought didn't fit the bottles we had.  Thankfully we had several bottles and nipples that came home with us from the hospital for us to use.  

Overall, very thankful for Riley and allowing Hudson to spend the first 101 days there.  The doctors and nurses were God's helpers:)  But we are so excited to spend day 102 here at home! Love my life!

Over the next month, we'll be making weekly trips to Riley for various appointments and the further out we get the appointments will get farther and few between.  Very very very very blessed for our little Hudson:)

Lots of Love and Snuggles from all of us to you!  Have a great day!

Oh, and Hudson gets to meet his big brother here in a few hours...should be interesting!  Will let you know how it goes...

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