Sunday, December 2, 2012

Weekend Happenings...

Ben and I had a great weekend with Hudson!!!  Hudson is on cruise control with his care until after surgery.  His surgery is set for Tuesday afternoon...what time that means we won't know for sure until morning.  So, the best time frame I can give anyone is sometime between noon and 6 on Tuesday.  Ben and I have about every emotion imaginable but we know and have known that this is the next step to Hudson getting better to come home!  Please pray for his surgeons, the surgical team, his nurse, his rt, his doctor...and Hudson.  Hudson is a fighter and has amazed us from day 1.  

He weighed 6lbs 2oz today.  He is 18.5 inches long:)  

Enjoy pictures from the weekend!!!


"If I pretend to sleep, will she put me down?" - Hudson

"Daddy, you are so silly!!!!" - Hudson

"ahhh ahhhh ahhhh ccchoooooo!" - Hudson

"Long day!" - Hudson

"Let's talk Mom, I'm not real sure why you keep taking my picture, but you can quit!" - Hudson


"Sundays!  I get stripped weighed stretched and poked at...what a day!" - Hudson

"I love pep talks from my favorite RT, he told me later we are going to play football." - Hudson

"Daddy and I are so cool!  But if anyone tries to take my paci again they are dead to me." - Hudson

"Colts WIN!!!!" - Hudson

"Put me in coach!  I've got my own uniform, Luck won't mind if he get's a new number!" - Hudson

"Mommy got me a football so my RT and I can play!" - Hudson

"Maybe I should start charging a fee per picture?" - Hudson

"My Grandma Laura got me!" - Hudson
(Laura, Kim's adopted Mom)


  1. Kim,
    My whole church is praying for Hudson on Tuesday that everything goes well. We are sooo happy that he is doing well. Loved the pix of the grandparents holding Hudson!