Sunday, December 23, 2012

Our last Sunday at Riley?

Hudson had a great day!  He eats, is awake for a bit and sleeps now...going 6 hours from feeding to feeding.  He got lots of snuggle time in today ...lots of people saying bye because more than likely we will be gone before their next shift.  Kind of emotional but we promise to send cards and pictures!

Hudson also got the green light from the doctor to test trial room air.  That way he gets breaks from the oxygen and nothing on his face.  He did great for 30 minutes then he was getting sleepy and his numbers kept going down.  So the nasal cannula went back on while he slept.  Anytime he is awake he can be free of his nasal cannula.

He had lots of Daddy love today!  They watched football highlights and snuggled the majority of the day. 

Love & Hugs,
The Murray's

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