Friday, December 7, 2012

Santa came to town!!!!

Since the babies and children at Riley couldn't make it out to the mall to see Santa, he came to them!  I think the nurses, rt's and parents had 10x more fun than any baby did.  Hudson isn't supposed to be dressed yet, but our favorite nurse had him yesterday and when I asked if he could wear a hat, she said sure do you want to dress him too!  What Mom is going to turn that down:)  Because of the vent we needed to having something that was easy on out of his 5 Christmas outfits thankfully Granny had bought him a sleeper that snaps!  Santa was supposed to make his grand entrance between 9 and 10am BEN had us over there at 8:30am to prep.  And in the pictures below you'll see who is most excited about Santa coming to the NICU:)  Santa stood by each bedside and allowed the parents to take pictures, the volunteer that was with him gave each baby a toy (donated by the cheer guild) and a throw away camera (donated by cvs) with a few pictures of Santa and baby.  That way the camera can be left at bedside and the nurses can take pictures of Hudson if he's doing something they don't want us to miss.

Medically, Hudson had the typical day 2 post surgery.  Not a very good day.  Because of all the fluid they'd given him somewhat saturated his lungs and he sounded wet and wasn't as expanded as they'd like.  So they made some changes and by last night he was doing much better.  For instance at noon his oxygen requirement was 45% and then with care it had to be bumped up to 70%.  When we left him last night it was 25%.  Each time they  move his head he coughs up some stuff...that goes in his little specimen jar that sucks out of his stomach.  It has a medical name but at this given moment I don't remember it.  The surgeon came to look at him today and when he took the bandage off he had some puss next to the drain.  And earlier in the day the doctor had discontinued his because of that he got 2 blood cultures and was put on 2 other antibiotics.  We should know in 24 to 48 hours if there is an infection in him.  I pray that there is not! He didn't have any bowel sounds on day 2 but did on day 1.  So hopefully today he'll have bowel sounds again!  Hudson gets very agitated very easily.  Mainly any time I touch him he requires more oxygen, it happened to Ben a few times.  He had one Brady yesterday but nothing significant and he came back on his own.  So here is to a better day!

Enjoy Hudson:)
"All I want for Christmas is to feel better!" - Hudson

"What are my parents doing?" - Hudson

"OMG, my Dad is really excited about this fuzzy red guy" - Hudson

"Santa, why don't you slip me some milk and cookies and it'll be our lil secret!" -Hudson

"Changing bedding and clothes makes me sleepy!" - Hudson

"Why is Daddy always talking?  And why do you always have to touch me?" - Hudson

"Mommy, I don't feel good and why does everyone say I look puffy?" - Hudson

We can't thank you enough for all of your prayers, thoughts and support during Hudson's journey!  We do have a two special favors to ask of you today though...we have two family friends that are undergoing major surgery today.  Please keep each of them and their families in your prayers.

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