Monday, December 3, 2012

Property of MOM

Hudson had a great day!  We played silly faces this afternoon...he now waits for me to look away and then he smiles a little and then when I look at him he quits like he's been caught with his hand in the cookie jar!  After a little while, he gave up and just smiled bigger when I looked right back at's as if there is a silent giggle with that big smile.

A new fun fact about Hudson...he LOVES music!  If he's upset the trick today was to turn the music box on and he just looked at it like he was being hypnotized!  He also played "I'm Asleep" with the surgeon this afternoon.  Hudson heard his voice and wouldn't open his eyes again until he left.

Hudson was 6lbs 1oz today.  He also got a shot of Vitamin K to help him clot better for surgery.  He took that shot like a champ in his left crying in the NICU:)  He had to have his bag changed at his 4pm care today...the nurse just kept reassuring him that in 24 hours or less he'd ditch the bags! Hudson recently (last 4 days) has been super gassy and talented.  It's hard for him to burp because of the tube going in to his stomach for continuous feed...but he's been managing to burp...sometimes even a little spit up goes flying with it.  Happened to me today as I was putting his new outfit on...I guess he didn't want to wear that outfit.  SO he got the next best thing...his Property of MOM outfit:)  He didn't spit up on it so I took that for approval!  

He had his eye exam today.  This was the first of the six week follow up from the laser treatment.  The doctor said his eyes were right on track with how they should look a week after treatment.  That was encouraging.

Tomorrow at 6am Hudson isn't allowed to eat any more.  And then at 2, he's gotta get packed up to head down to surgery!  He's having his connection of his large and small intestines done and also his circumcision.  Poor kid won't know what hit him.  Ben and I are allowed to go along when they transport him to surgery tomorrow.  Benny is working tomorrow, I'm not sure how because I'm already a ball of nerves and can't go to sleep.  Thus...I remembered to write the blog this evening!  Some things that the medical team has prepped us for...he has to be on a ventilator for surgery tomorrow and given his lungs will more than likely be on it for a couple of days and then wean down on his respiratory care.  He will also come back to his module and be in a warmer bed, which is bigger than an isolette but smaller than his crib.  He'll also be naked  for a little while.  They said depending on how he recovers he might tolerate being held, but more than likely no holding for a few days.  And most important...he'll be out of it!  He'll have morphine and versed for a few days to get him through any pain he might have.

Hudson today:)

"That's right, I love y Mommy!" - Hudson

"I can't wait until Thursday!  Am I big enough to sit on Santa's lap?" - Hudson

"All these stories makes me so sleepy!  Must Stay Awake!" - Hudson

I went downtown with my sister Sara tonight for dinner and we saw all kinds of excitement going on outside of St. Elmo's.  Filming for some show called Parks and Recreation...not sure, but there were 2 lanes blocked, lots of police and a big rv all pimped out...not something you get to see every day.  SO I did the touristy thing and took a picture!

Surgery is at 2:30p. 
Thank you for your continued support, prayers and love!

Have a great Tuesday...because it is now Tuesday even though I started writing this blog on Monday.  

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