Sunday, December 2, 2012

Friday was a time stamp day

Let's be honest, I'm getting worse at sharing in a timely manner!  I am sorry and will try and do better.

Friday, I knew I needed to call over at 8am to see if his contrast study had been scheduled yet.  So when I woke up at 7, I thought...I need to be ready in case it is at 8:30 or something crazy early like that.  A little before 8 Hudson's nurse called to let me know his study was at 9:30.  I wouldn't say all but two or three of his nurses take good care of me and take the time to call me, when it is just something as simple as a time or update.

I get to his bedside and the poor chicken legged kid is neeekked!  I asked why he was it's because during his study he has to be completely naked on this table.  SO I wrapped him up and snuggled with him before we headed down to his study.  Well, it wouldn't be Hudson if he didn't give you surprises!  We unwrapped him and his bag had leaked and he was a hott mess:)  Got him semi cleaned up.  He had to lay on this huge table with this contraption over him (the thingy that took the pictures).  Before the enema, the doctor doing the study asked me why we were doing this today.  I said, well he has to have this study before he can have surgery.  He said, correct, but why are we doing it before surgery.  I looked at him like he was crazy...anybody that knows me knows that look. I kinda laughed and said because before we connect his small intestines back to his large intestines we better make sure there isn't another perforation that would cause the surgery not to work.  He looked at me, somewhat in amazement and said you are very well educated, ok let's get started.  I got suited up with a lovely black heavy apron with a green frog on it:)  I was in charge of Hudson's arms and head.  I had to hold his arms and my hands at a certain point to not get in the way of the pictures.  The assistant took care of his legs.  We turned Hudson on his side and in went the enema...not pretty by any means.  Hudson was MAD!!!  The study took maybe 10 minutes.  We spent more time in the halls of Riley getting to and from the study than the actual study.  As we rotated Hudson with each picture, the doctor explained what we were looking at in each picture.  He was very pleased with how everything looked and said Hudson is set for surgery on Tuesday!!!!  Hudson's nurse and I celebrated!!!  Sidenote...on the way to his xray, Hudson was just looking around so content.  We walked by the window and saw the big Christmas tree and lights....the nurse stopped and pointed it out to Hudson.  It was his first experience.  I can tell he's going to love car rides:)  Although not sure he'll like the car seat...too soon to tell that since he's never been in a car seat yet.

Hudson had a big afternoon.  He wasn't real sure what to think...Ben and I have been the only ones outside of medical staff to hold Hudson or even touch him.  Well, Hudson got to have both sets of his grandparents hold him today.  Ben's parents came first, they had no clue they were going to get to hold him.  Cindy went back with me and there were some new rules within the nicu, so when I asked her to wash her hands, she thought it was just a part of the new rules.  (My mom and dad thought the same thing when they went in)  Cindy walked up to his bedside and he was asleep and I was getting him out and she said oh, don't wake him up.  I laughed and said, oh you don't want to hold him?  The look on her face was priceless and she said REALLY?  She sat down and I handed Hudson to her.  It was so sweet.  (Pictures below)  After Cindy was done holding Hudson, we went to get Dick so he could come back and hold Hudson.  So exciting to see their faces light up.  Hudson peeked at them every now and then but mainly slept through all the excitement.  My parents came a little later, I wish I could have taken a picture of the grandma's faces...excitement and joy!  My mom sat down and held Hudson, she started to cry but then remembered Ben's rule..."no crying in the nicu" so she laughed and just enjoyed her time with Hudson.  She was so funny though...she was holding him and then asked me if she could touch him....oh momma!  She was just so excited.  After she held Hudson we went to get my Dad.  I wasn't sure if she'd tell Dad or not...and she didn't!  So Hudson and I got to surprise him!  We walked in and I looked at Dad and told him we had to wash up.  We got to Hudson's bedside and I said, ok sit down.  He never questioned me, he just did it and then the nurse handed Hudson to my Dad.  Dad looked at me when she was doing it, like should this be happening:)  haha!  All in all even though I cannot speak for any of them...I'm pretty sure Friday, November 30th will be a day they will always remember.  Although, my Dad did tell me he got his Christmas wish:)  I laughed, cha-ching...that was easy!
"I get to go on a field trip today!" - Hudson

"I wasn't ready for a field trip like that!  Mommy, you should have warned me and you didn't have to help!" - Hudson

"Grams is holding me!" - Hudson
(Cindy, Ben's Mom)

"I think I'm relation to him, he looks a lot like my Daddy." - Hudson
(Dick, Ben's Dad)

"Oh Granny, Daddy says No CRYING in the NICU!" - Hudson
(Penny, Kim's Mom)

"Talk to the hand Pop Pop!" - Hudson
(Steve, Kim's Dad)

"Mommy, tell Pop Pop to quit!" - Hudson

"I'm over this!  No more field trips please!" - Hudson

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  1. Good thing I'm not in the NICU because now I'M crying!