Thursday, December 20, 2012

Hudson's "Luck"y Day

This morning during rounds we discussed his mri.  The doctor made it known she does not like doing mri's on babies because clinically they will not change how they are treating Hudson.  They went on to say a bunch of big words that I didn't understand.  I asked them to dumb it down for me, basically at some point Hudson experienced lack of oxygen.  Could have been during delivery or in the past several weeks.  Needless to say, some babies have really bad mri's and have really great outcomes developmentally.  And then there is that flip side with really good mri's and not so good outcomes developmentally.  This MRI just gives a baseline in case Hudson were to experience severe developmental delays and have to have another one.  With him being born so early we know he will experience some delays, but that's why we'll work with him extra hard to make sure he has every opportunity to have the best outcome possible developmentally.  He'll be watched through a first steps program, the pediatrician and the developmental peds at Riley to make sure he's meeting all of his milestones. 

After that is when Hudson got quite the Christmas gift!  A very special person was at Hudson's bedside Monday and saw our Colts family pictures and Hudson's outfit.  She knew Andrew Luck was going to be at the hospital on Tuesday, so when he got there she told him and the others about Hudson and they gave her a gift to deliver to Hudson.  She dropped it off to me today.  He got a team photo, a signed Andrew Luck card, a blue colts football (I forgot to put it in the picture) and BLUE!  Well as you can see below, Hudson was worn out with excitement but he did make the "TOUCHDOWN" pose for the picture.  We've encountered some pretty special people at Riley.  For her to think of Hudson and go that extra mile is more than we could ever dream of.  Lots of special people at Riley.

Hudson successfully peed on his nurse, me and another nurse...he cannot be trusted!  His bottom is still so raw, that we called in the expert!  Hopefully her remedy works!

Bless you all and thank you for keeping those prayers coming!  Hudson will be home in about a week:)  We have a few more details to work out...oxygen (need it or not?! that's the big question!!!!)

Love & Hugs,
The Murray's

"LUCK!" - Hudson

"Who's in charge around here?" - Hudson

"That's right...this is my first Christmas and I didn't like my outfit so I peed on it!" - Hudson

"I ate too much!!!!  Must take nap!" - Hudson

"I miss my Daddy!" - Hudson

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