Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Surgery Day

Feeding stopped at 6am.  I got to his bedside early this morning and he was NOT happy. He got pep talks from all his nurses today and from his np.  When they rounded this morning, they went through the routine talk and then said and talked about post surgery plan.  His new doctor (nicu doctors rotate every 3 weeks) as of yesterday said, well my goal is to have Hudson home by the time my rotation is over.  Wowza!  We shall see, he obviously doesn't know Hudson makes his own rules. 

Pop Pop, Granny and Grams (Ben's Mom, she's not really given herself an official grandma name yet so I call her Grams in the mean time) came to visit with Hudson before his surgery.  They all got to love on him when he was WIDE AWAKE and FUSSY!  He was so not happy that his nurse wasn't feeding him today.  He's like his Daddy, fussy if he's not fed in a timely manner!

Anywho, I did Hudson's care at noon...and his bag leaked...ahh such is life!  Got him fixed up and did the rest of his care.  

Before his surgery I was telling him how excited I was that I was going to get to change stinky diapers and not that silly bag any more.  Hudson smiled so big!  Like, sure Mom...remember you were excited for poopy diapers!!!  It was 2:12 and Hudson's nurse got the call from surgery to "pack him up" to transport him down to surgery.   His surgeon also stopped by bedside and said they were almost ready for him, asked us if we had any last minute questions.  Which we didn't.  But we did show him the picture of him and Hudson a few weeks back with the "future md" outfit.  He loved it!  This surgeon is absolutely wonderful!  He left and then  lots of things being done and I stood up and out of the way...all the while holding Hudson:)  I wasn't letting him go til the last possible moment.  I was so excited that I was rocking Hudson...almost dancing if you will and another nurse and I were laughing that Hudson had fussed himself out.  He was still fussy but not nearly how he was earlier in the day.  I laughed and said "yay Hudson you are going to surgery!  30 second dance party!!!  Myself, Hudson (because I was holding him) and the nurse I'd been talking to did just that!  Ben laughed and did not take part in the dance party...  Shortly after that Hudson went to Daddy for last minute snuggles and then went in to the transport cart/box thing and down to surgery we went.  Ben and I spoke with the surgeon fellow and the guy that made Hudson go sleepy and signed consent.  Then the next 3 hours we waited:)  However, at almost 4 we knew the surgery didn't get started until 3:23 so we knew we'd be there awhile.  

Surgery went great.  Doctor was very pleased. They had to cut another cm of his small intestines because of the way it looked and they knew if they connected it with the large intestine there would be a problem. After being back in the NICU his blood pressure was on the low side of normal so they gave him extra fluids to help that.  They did this a few times and it didn't help his blood pressure.  So they will be doing a blood transfusion later tonight. (#6) which was common with him from previous surgeries.  His blood gasses overall are good.  He's on antibiotics to help prevent infection.  He started tpn (nutrition through iv) tonight.  He is on a ventilator currently at 24% oxygen, this is so they can keep him heavily sedated and give him pain meds so he can rest comfortably.  His next blood gas is at 4am with the rest of his labs.  

Lots and Lots and Lots of love for your thoughts, prayers and support.  God is so good!  Thank you for loving Hudson and praying for him daily!  

Pre Surgery Pictures:)
"I N-E-E-D FOOD" - Hudson

"Your hands are COLD!!!!" - Hudson

"I heard the doctor say that once I poop and eat I can go home, right?" - Hudson

"Or maybe that's what I thought they said." - Hudson

"I just want to go home!" - Hudson

"Wake me up when Dad gets here?" - Hudson

"Listen Granny, God's got this!  I'll be fine." - Hudson

"Why are you upside down?!" - Hudson

"Wait for it...." - Hudson

"My bag leaked!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I WANT IT OFF!!!!!!!" - Hudson

"Keep the pacifier in PopPop...no excuses!  Don't let it fall out!" - Hudson

"I like to play hard to get." - Hudson

"Seriously...how many pictures do we need together?" - Hudson

"What's going on?" - Hudson

"I get to go for a ride in the time machine!" - Hudson

"Mommy, really...a 30 second dance party?" - Hudson

"I'm not going to smile." - Hudson

"Ready for Dreamyville, I think I'll go to a beach." - Hudson

"Please watch over my surgeon and nurses." - Hudson

"Let's get this party started!" - Hudson

Post surgery pictures...

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