Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Emotional day

Thank you for your prayers!!!!

I am way less frustrated today with the doctor than I was yesterday.  Hudson had a great day!  He officially became "ad lib on depand po" I think that's how they say it...basically he gets to eat when he wakes up and asks for it (well cries) AND he can have as much as he wants...within 20 to 30 minutes.    So that is exciting!!!!  That also meant he could have NG tube free!!!!  So he's got one less cord on him now:)  He had his eye exam today, the doctors were thrilled with his progress and will see him next week!  He's healing just fine from the treatment.  He'll be seen next Wednesday because of Christmas.  He had a study done this evening over a 12 hour period to see how he did on room air (no cannula) to quarter of liter.  He lasted 10 minutes on room air and had to have the cannula put back on.  So, needless to say if we were to go home in the next 5 to 10 days we'd be going home without oxygen.  So, now the big questions...how long do you keep him if the respiratory is all we are waiting on?  Do you think if we wait another 2 weeks he'll be tolerating room air?  Will insurance continue to pay for his NICU stay?  If we are to go home before or on one of the holidays, will we know enough in advance for Ben and I to take the monitor class?  Will another study be done next week to determine if he's better?  etc....I wrote them all down before I left bedside tonight.

Hudson has a MRI scheduled for tomorrow, a simple follow up from the ultrasounds taken during the first few weeks.

Colts...I don't know even where to begin.  Anyone who knows us knows that we are the "colts family"...at least that's how some people refer to us as.  Every Sunday we've got our jersey's on and we even did our Christmas card pictures in them...to say the least we love them.  Ben is a huge Adam Vinatieri fan!!!!  Today was a very COLTS day.  Andrew Luck and some other players came to Riley this morning and went caroling!  AWESOME!!!  I was and am excited that they came!  However, we were a little sad in the NICU because they never came and sang for us.  Hudson loves music!  His nurses were just as excited hoping one of the COLTS players would come in to the NICU.  But no such luck...And then later this evening Tim Zbikowski was the special guest at the Ronald McDonald House dinner.  We missed dinner because we went shopping with Cory Redding #90.  Ok, let me explain this. Ben and I really didn't know what to expect if anything.  There was a sign up a few weeks ago at Ron's House for 20 families to go shopping with Cory Redding.  Ben and I talked about it, debated and after talking with some people we decided if there was still room to sign up we would, and later that night hardly anyone had signed up.  We were the 8th or 9th family.  We were just excited to meet him!  Nobody at Ron's House knew any details...it was all a big secret until Cory came out tonight and welcomed all of the families.  Cory along with a few teammates and cheerleaders were there for the Colts event.  I cannot even begin to express what a blessing this is and how thankful we are that they allowed us to be a part of this event.  I am still speechless which is hard to do.   THANK YOU VERY MUCH TO ALL THE COLTS!!!  (PLAYERS, CHEERLEADERS, OWNER, COACHES, ETC...)

After we got back Ben drove me off at University Hospital where I went to say hello to my favorite nurse!!!!  It was so good to see her.  We were talking about old times...ok, 15 weeks ago, but I feel like we've known each other forever!  She wished us well and told me to send lots of pictures of Hudson so they can keep tabs on him.

And then back at Ron's House tonight...lots of questions still going through my head about Hudson.  Big picture...what is best for Hudson...at this point staying in the nicu getting bigger and stronger and continuing to wean off oxygen.  Or at least that's my gut feeling...not sure what the doctor or insurance will say.  Will it be cheaper for him where he is...or home care stuff?  Hmmm....and my brain just keeps going and going and going.

"It's hard being me." - Hudson

"I'm not going to let you go Granny!" - Hudson

"YAY!!!!  A Colts Player came to see me, however he looks a lot like Mommy." - Hudson

"When will Mommy quit taking pictures of us?" - Hudson

"Don't make me fussy." - Hudson

"Swing Time:)" - Hudson

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