Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Top 10 moments of today:)

10.  Surgery rounded on Hudson this morning and said he looked great.  They took his drain out this morning and changed the dressing again.  The surgeon is very pleased:)
9.  Hudson is fussy.  That same fussy the day of surgery because he was hungry.  Hudson wants more food! I talked to the NP today and she said it'd be 3 more days before he was up to full feeds and then we'll have to see what the doctor wants to do about changing his formula.
8.  Hudson had his eye exam today.  Both eye doctors looked at him.  They are pleased with how he is healing from the treatment, however the one doctor told us..."Hudson is your typical white boy, he takes longer to heal".  She said he's on the right path and sees no alarming signs that any further action needs to be taken.  We'll see her again next Tuesday!
7.  Hudson has LOTS of girlfriends and at one point had several of them stopping by his bedside today telling him how grown up he looks...I reminded Hudson to soak it up.  At home he's got Daddy, Colt and Mommy...and we aren't nearly as sweet on the eyes as some of his girlfriends are.
6.  Hudson had a new game today...spit the pacifiers out of the crib game.  He was successful 6 times!  He can suck the pacifier on his own, but he'd rather have you hold it for him...NICU has created a lil monster:)
5.  Hudson's vapotherm was down to 2 liters per minute today!!!  Next step is oxygen off the wall...and once he's there he will be introduced to a bottle:)  However, looks like this respiratory change will be Thursday or Friday because he gets his 2 month shots tomorrow...(he's only 12 weeks old, haha)
4.  Granny and PopPop came to visit and snuggle today!  He smiled at my Mom a few times which really made her day...and Hudson just kinda gave my dad the one eyed squint.
3.  Ben and I talked "road to home" with both the nurse and np today.  The earliest discharge date would be Christmas day.  But pretty for sure home to see 2013 ring in at the latest :)  She told Ben the next time he comes down to bring the car seat and base so we have it for the car seat test Hudson has to pass before he can go home.  Home is right around the corner...a little scary but very much excited about.  We were strongly encouraged to not have him around other children, large groups of people and not to let anyone touch him if they've not washed their hands.  And to use our common sense.  ((I used to make fun of my sister Lisa, she was this "germaphob"when it came to her kids...and now I'm her))  We just don't want to risk having to go back to the hospital.  Because what might seem like a sniffle or the common cold to us is like RSV to babies and preemies with lung issues are at a greater risk of getting rsv.
2.  Today was book day! Hudson got a "first words" book!
1.  Today was the FIRST of many...Ben changed two dirty diapers!  Hudson was so good for Ben, I was a little jealous on the 1st diaper change.  But the 2nd diaper...Hudson wasn't as easy.  Ben went to remove the diaper and evidently Hudson wasn't finished filling his diaper.  So poo went on his bed and as Ben and I were laughing about that the next thing I know I'm getting sprinkled...Hudson got my hand, his head, his bedding and best of all his pacifier...so he got a new one.  Ben and I laughed like we were stuck in a time warp and we just couldn't pull it together! I was laughing so hard I had tears streaming down my face.  His nurse walks up and asked what we were up to now...I finally calmed down and told her what happened, she just laughed.  We got him cleaned up, new clothes on and then Ben held Hudson while she changed his bedding.  All the while, I say to her...you laugh at us now, but you sure are going to miss us! She agreed and said she would.  I know we will because there are about a handful of nurses that are family to us now and I know I'll miss them.  

Hudson's weight was less 10 grams but still 7lbs 3oz.  Now that you've had my 10 most memorable moments from today...enjoy seeing some of them:)

"Why hasn't Mommy been dressing me in cool outfits like this the whole time?  All the ladies are coming by my crib today to say hello." - Hudson

"Wait a minute...you mean this isn't my home?" - Hudson

"I'll be good just this once Daddy, but let's make it quick!" - Hudson

"I need a hug!" - Hudson

"I love snuggling with my Daddy!" - Hudson

"If I could have video taped my parents just now, amateurs!" - Hudson

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