Saturday, December 15, 2012

a few days worth...

10.  Imagine this...Hudson now isn't getting attention, so he cries and fusses until someone pays attention or picks him up then he falls asleep again.  I told the nurses they aren't helping for when we go home.  

9.  Hudson is 7lbs 4oz.  They are gradually switching him over to a formula that he'll go home on.  Today he's doing 50/50.

8.  On Thursday Hudson went to 1/2 liter nasal cannula and ranges anywhere from 21% (room air) to 25%. On Friday the doctors took him off oxygen, but then he had a study done that stressed his lungs so they put him back on the oxygen, again 1/2 liter and ranging from 21% to 23%...he's just a little needy...half the time his lil nose things aren't even in his nose and he's doing fine.  I think he just feels naked without something on his face.

7.  Car know when a baby is getting ready to go home once you see the car seat under their crib. We carried Hudson's car seat in to his module last night and when the nurses saw it...the reality hit them that he's going home soon...hit us too!  

6.  Hudson had his last dose of antibiotics last night so his picc line was removed from his left arm less cord!

5.  Thursday night Hudson had his first bottle experience with Mommy...he drank 33 out of 55ml.  The rest of it he got through his feeding tube.
"FOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!" - Hudson
4.  Friday he had two bottles.  One in the afternoon with his nurse, he only ate 13 out of 55ml.  The rest of it he got through his feeding tube.  The next one in the evening with Daddy, he ate 47 out of 55ml:)  He's getting the hang of it.
"Daddy, is there wheat in my bottle?" - Hudson

3.  Today...marks the day Hudson joined his first club:)  "Empty Bottle Club"...not once, but twice!!!!  (his first two feedings of the day he drank both...but that wore him out because he's not woke up enough to drink another bottle again...)
"Mommy, really!?  I'm trying to focus!  1. suck.  2.  swallow.  3.  breathe and then repeat steps 1, 2 and 3 until finished" - Hudson

"Can I go home now?" - Hudson

2.  Going Home...well funny Hudson should mention that...from the beginning we were told closer to due date we'd go home.  Tomorrow (12/16) actually is what they consider his due date...and right before thanksgiving they told us it'd be closer to mid January before we'd go home.  Then once his surgery got here, they said 2 to 4 weeks after surgery.  Then at the beginning of this week they told us between Christmas and New Year's.  Today...they said could be going home as early as Friday (12/21).  Nothing set in stone...but that date or sooner has ultimately been the doctor's goals since the day of his surgery.  They are so impressed with how well he's doing with his feedings and his respiratory.  His NP openly refers to Hudson as her lil RockStar showing off.  She and I at the beginning didn't see eye to eye...she was information overload.  But I've grown to love her and Hudson absolutely loves it when she comes to his bedside.  She's such a sweet caring person.  She told him today he's not allowed to leave without a picture of the two of them...with no cords.

1.  Thankful and Blessed for the gift God has given to us all.  And it is looking like our Christmas wish just might be coming true...all of us home for Christmas! 

Hugs to you all!!!!  Happy Saturday!
Ben, Kim, Hudson & Colt:)

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  1. I just got caught up after not having the chance to read for a week or so....WOW...So much has happend! I am so proud of Hudson for finishing his bottles! That is awesome! And to see him at over 7 lbs....INCREDIBLE!!! So thankful for progress for him. He is such a trooper. I can't wait to hear the news that you guys are going home...that will be a bittersweet day, but well earned! You will leave one family and go home to your real family...and I bet Colt is super excited! I bet that he is wanting to meet his baby brother for Christmas. I hope that happens! :) Can't wait to see you guys, We miss you so much! Carter can't wait to get pictures with his best buddy...once the RSV season is over ;) Love you guys and pray for you all the time! Way to go Hudson!!!! Proud of you big guy.