Saturday, February 23, 2013

This past week

Hudson had a busy week.  Monday an Occupational Therapist and a Physical Therapist from First Steps came to see him.  They determined he is doing good, but would like to follow up with his progress in 2 months.  They gave us head exercises to do with him since he favors laying on the right side of his head...he's developing a slight flat spot.  So we switched what end of the bed he sleeps at so he looks left, and we do exercises when we change his diaper.  So far so good.  Then Tuesday, Hudson had a pulmonary appointment and urology appointment.  The np for pulmonary was very impressed that he'd gained two pounds since she last saw him a month ago.  So she thinks he's ready to be of oxygen all she was putting an order in for a sleep study to determine it.  Then we went to the next appointment, he had an ultrasound to check his kidneys.  On a scale from one to four(four being worst) they graded his kidneys for the splash back of urine back in to the kidneys.  Both kidneys were a one.  She said that he'd more than likely grow out of this by the age of 2.  She wants to follow up with him in 6 months.  Good news is the ultrasound tuesday looked better than the one in November.  Then Wednesday morning...Hudson and I were all snuggled in and I get a phone call to schedule his sleep study.  (we were told it'd be a few weeks before they could get us in)  The lady said we've actually had a cancellation for tonight, can you make it.  Sure can!  So Wednesday night Hudson and I went for a lock in/sleepover at Riley Specialists on N. Meridian in Carmel.  Had to be there at 8:30pm and would get done around 6am.  First off...not real sure how they expect anyone to sleep with all the stuff they have attached to your body, especially your head.  But Hudson managed to doze off...they said he slept for 8+ hours...I'm thinking their camera was broke because he was up every hour or multiple times a hour wanting his pacifier back.  (pictures below of sleep study).  Needless to say, Mama didn't get much sleep.  The chair bed I had to sleep on was like the one Ben slept on while I was on hospital bed rest...I thanked him for sleeping on it to be with me.  That was uncomfortable.  Hudson and I get home around 8/8:30 Thursday morning...all I'm hoping for is Hudson to take his normal morning nap.  WRONG!  He was wide awake all morning and every time I put him down he screamed.  Sleep is so overrated.  And then Friday he went to play with his friends so Mama could go to work.  Then yesterday late afternoon he had his nurse visit for weight and his synagis vaccine.  He did NOT like that shot!  Poor kid, he slept most of the evening and all night.  This morning he woke up around 7 and is now getting some quality belly time...he fell back asleep! Benny is out for a run and I'm still in bed. :)  Below are a few pictures from the past month...Oh, and Hudson weighed in at 12lbs 1oz yeterday!  We should get the sleep study results in 7 to 10 days to see if he can come off oxygen:)  Will keep you posted.
"Colt is so silly" - Hudson
"Mommy, why are we up so early?" - Hudson

"Put that camera down!" - Hudson

"I'm not tired Mommy!!" - Hudson at 10pm Tuesday night

"Am I being punked?" - Hudson

"Mommy, I'm not in the mood!  How do they expect me to breathe?" - Hudson

"I slept, take this stuff off me!" - Hudson

"Why do you bring me here?  They always poke me and tell me how cute I am." - Hudson after his shot yesterday.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Hudson funny...

Hudson has been waking up a few times in the middle of the night and waking up earlier in the morning.  He had been sleeping through the night, but the last three or four nights have been this way.  Well this morning he was doing his usual when he first wakes up and talking...and then he just started screaming like he was hurt.  I walked in to his room and I found that he had gotten himself up against the side of the bed and had his arm out one of the slots in the crib.  He just kept waving his arm around trying to figure out how to get it back in the crib.  I got his arm back in and it was nothing short of a miraculous recovery!  He was funny.  He started talking again like he was telling on the crib!