Sunday, August 7, 2016

Summer!!!! Oh wait, where'd it go?!

2015 Summer Recap...because life happened and I forgot to post.  This is what I had written after last summer.

Literally, I blinked and summer ended and school is back in full swing!

June - We went my cousins wedding in Richmond.  It was absolutely gorgeous and it was so much fun seeing all the family together!

July - was a blur...boys got to spend a long weekend with Aunt Sara and they loved it!  Then they got to spend a few days with Nana and Papa while Ben and I went on a little getaway...


Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Don't blink...

We blinked...Henry turned the big ONE on August, 24th and Hudson turned the big TWO on September 19th!!!

Hudson and Henry are doing great.  Hudson doesn't like Henry to show him up, so if Henry starts doing something, Hudson is usually one to two weeks behind.  They both are crawling and walking.  Hudson is still battling with his lazy left eye.  Daily we give him an eye drop in his good eye to blur vision so it forces him to use his lazy eye.  He goes back in November for his next eye appointment.

Hudson is in the 2 year old class at school and Henry is in the 1 year class at school.  They both LOVE school.  Henry loves his Miss Tammy and Hudson loves his Miss Jada (he calls her JJ).

Here are some pictures over the past year of the boys:)  They are growing like weeds!










First quarter happenings:)

This was supposed to be posted in March...I just realized it was saved not published.  Sorry.

January was a tough month, February and March haven't been ideal either.  Henry got his first ambulance ride...oye...and a few days in the hospital for RSV. Hudson had his normal rsv shot (a shot to prevent rsv) and from our standpoint that shot has worked.  Hudson has still be in an inhaler all winter to help strengthen his lungs.  Henry has been on breathing treatments on and off.

Monday, December 30, 2013

Baby Well Visits

We took boys to see all their friends at the doctors office today.   They each got two shots and Hudson had to get bloodwork too.  Hudson was NOT pleased with any needle and he told anyone in hearing distance he wasn't pleased.   Henry was like what needles,  he was such a trooper and wasn't phased. 

Hudson review: 23# and 2ft 5in.  Doctor was pleased with his social skills,  he kept trying to distract her by talking.   She was also impressed that the reflux has gone away and that he's on table food and milk.  Hudson showed off his teeth, doctor said him only biting me is a completely normal phase for a 15 month old and just keep telling him it hurts and to stop.  She wants him to continue with ot, pt on a weekly basis.  She can see improvements.  He goes back in 3 months:)  Well monthly really for his shot.  Hearing follow up (from july) February,  eyes checked on again, developmental pediatrics follow up (Hudson loves to flirt with this doctor).

Henry review: 14# and 2 ft.  Doctor was pleased with everything Henry is doing.  She said he could start cereal (oops did that a month ago) and that he should start rolling over soon.

Last year on the Monday before the new year we took Hudson to see the doctor for the first time, That's right Hudson came home on December 28th last year!  He's had a pretty big year!  I giggled today thinking about how much crap we had to carry and alarms going off...haha, Hudson is our personalized alarm anywhere we go now!

And never well visits for boys together again.   I have an attention span ...oh look squirrel... what was I saying?!  Exactly! 

Monday, September 30, 2013

Hudson's 1st

Hudson had his first hair cut on Saturday by Amy Reagan (Studio 5th & Mane).  She has done my hair since I was a little girl...20+ years later I'm still going to her...2 hour drive is worth it! 

Hudson did great and got a little squirmy...but overall a very good boy!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Hard working Hudson!

I cannot figure out how to upload videos,  but Hudson started his morning off jumping and jumped himself to sleep!   We cuddled and when I told Hudson this could be the last Sunday he has me all to himself he screamed.   He does not like to talk about or hear about baby #2.  Anyway after nap he ate lunch and then his real workout started.   Sitting up!  Today was a success,  he ended up sitting on his own a few times, once for just over 2 minutes.   I was clapping and praising him and he just looked at me like I am crazy.  Then we practiced getting up on his hands and knees...he wants no part.  I will take one milestone at a time!  and today was the first for trying a sippy cup, he did great with it too!  He will be 11 months tomorrow,  August 19th! 

he's loving his walker,  he is still confused and jumps in it like he does in his jumpy toy.  pic below of our big boy!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Never a dull moment with the Murray Brothers!

Hudson had his 9 month visit with his doctor at the end of June.  From that appointment several appointments were made.

  • eye appointment (follow up was to be in September, but doctor felt sooner the better)
    • had that appointment a few weeks ago and from that learned his eyes are great.  No need for glasses at this time.  
    • however, this left us with more questions...why is he not reaching for toys, tracking, recognize you when you walk in to a room (only will react if he hears you)
  • first steps appointment (follow up was to be mid august, but doctor felt sooner the better)
    • however, with vacations and covering...Hudson still wasn't able to be seen until next week.  So from there, he'll be evaluated and then a plan will be presented to us a few days later.
  • MRI
    • this is a result of how his eye appointment went.  eye doctor wants to get a new scan of his brain to compare it to the one from December.
    • this will take place late next week
And then of course the appointments we already had scheduled...lungs and kidneys:)

Hudson's trying to get all his appointments in all at the same time and just before Baby #2 arrives.

Baby #2 and myself have been monitored almost every two weeks since mid January (when we found out about Baby #2).  Ben and I have been able to watch baby grow and develop since we've had ultrasounds almost every 2 to 4 weeks.  I have a feeling he will look just like Hudson, especially a few of the 3d images we've seen.  Baby #2 is on the struggle bus with gaining weight, this was noticed at my 28 week ultrasound.  Last week I thought I was having braxton hicks, but with loss of appetite and pain that I'd experience with a few of them...I knew I should go see the doctor.  After hooking me up to monitors I was sent to the hospital to stop contractions.  Stayed overnight and now am on medicine until 36 weeks to keep contractions at a minimum or stopped.  From this little visit to the hospital, I'm now on modified bed rest.  I'm allowed to continue to work, but desk work.  No preparing meals, but I can make a sandwich.  No walking to just walk.  I take lots of breaks and sit down.  I just had my 32 week ultrasound and his weight gaining has not improved.  Plan is for me to have two non stress tests a week for the next three weeks.  I go back at 35 weeks to have another ultrasound to check baby growth.  Ben and I feel very confident and comforted with the specialist that we are seeing.  Baby #2 will more than likely be joining us later this month.  Ben is still in shock, not real sure when he thought the baby would be joining us...overall, ben is super daddy and husband.  Our families and friends have come to our rescue on multiple occasions to watch Hudson, help me, etc...

Overall we are very blessed and couldn't be more thankful!

Will keep you posted on the Murray Brothers!  

Hudson came on September 19th - Cindy's birthday.  (he felt he needed to share with his Gramma)
Baby #2 tried to come on July 16th - Ben and my anniversary...
For some reason our boys think they have to come on someone's special day ...