Monday, December 30, 2013

Baby Well Visits

We took boys to see all their friends at the doctors office today.   They each got two shots and Hudson had to get bloodwork too.  Hudson was NOT pleased with any needle and he told anyone in hearing distance he wasn't pleased.   Henry was like what needles,  he was such a trooper and wasn't phased. 

Hudson review: 23# and 2ft 5in.  Doctor was pleased with his social skills,  he kept trying to distract her by talking.   She was also impressed that the reflux has gone away and that he's on table food and milk.  Hudson showed off his teeth, doctor said him only biting me is a completely normal phase for a 15 month old and just keep telling him it hurts and to stop.  She wants him to continue with ot, pt on a weekly basis.  She can see improvements.  He goes back in 3 months:)  Well monthly really for his shot.  Hearing follow up (from july) February,  eyes checked on again, developmental pediatrics follow up (Hudson loves to flirt with this doctor).

Henry review: 14# and 2 ft.  Doctor was pleased with everything Henry is doing.  She said he could start cereal (oops did that a month ago) and that he should start rolling over soon.

Last year on the Monday before the new year we took Hudson to see the doctor for the first time, That's right Hudson came home on December 28th last year!  He's had a pretty big year!  I giggled today thinking about how much crap we had to carry and alarms going off...haha, Hudson is our personalized alarm anywhere we go now!

And never well visits for boys together again.   I have an attention span ...oh look squirrel... what was I saying?!  Exactly! 

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