Tuesday, October 30, 2012

2 in one day!

Not very often do I post twice in one day...but I'm just so excited for my lil man!

Sunday he was 3lbs 8oz and yesterday he was 3lbs 10oz and today...3lbs 12oz!  He is working his way up to a crib!!!!  He has to be 4 lbs to graduate to a crib:)

As far as the fun bedside stuff...both care times I took part in today he had a leaky bag.  Which means complete wardrobe change...and he HATES it!  But I've learned my lesson...today I dressed him in a cute onsie, but when it is soiled and has to go over the head.  Makes for a mess!  So once he got all cleaned up and a new bag on he got a sleeper that snapped...no more over the head business!  Right now with his breathing tube and feeding tube it makes it more difficult for outfits that go over his head.

Hudson and I got our snuggle time in, that's my absolute favorite part of my day:)

Today's view of Hudson...    

"I wonder if she'll go away if I act like I'm sleeping." - Hudson

"Mommy says I'm her lil monkey...what happened to Hudson?" - Hudson

"I just had my double espresso, who wants to keep me company!" - Hudson

Module Closed

Hudson's module has been closed going on 7 hours now.  As much as it upsets me that I've not been able to see him or do his care, I'm praying for the sick baby they are tending to.  Of course, if it doesn't involve Hudson, I don't know why or how long they'll be closed.

As far as an update... I spoke with his nurse a few hours ago.  She hadn't weighed him yet today.  She told me the only change the medical team was making with him today was his vapotherm lpm was going from 3.5 to 3.

Here are a few pictures from yesterday:)

"I am DINO-mite!" - Hudson

"I'm going for the rugged look after my bath...but soon someone will slick my hair down." - Hudson

"My Mommy's friend is a nurse here and gave her this pumpkin hat...I wish my hands were free to take it off.  I look like a pumpkin head." - Hudson

"But I do like how the nurses keep coming over telling me how cute I am!" - Hudson
(Hudson is a little sneak!  Got his feeding tube out again...nurse was giving him a talking to)

"I'll be a good lil pumpkin!" - Hudson
(Ben and I are in BIG trouble...look at that face!)

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Colts Win

Hudson and Daddy rocked while I gave them updates on the game today.  They were both proudly sporting their colts gear!  Ok, Hudson really didn't have a choice, but I think he'll thank me later for it.  A nurse that Hudson has had stopped by to make sure Ben knew the Colts had won...I'm not sure who is more spoiled in the NICU...Ben or Hudson?  Geesh!

As far as an update for Hudson, he's continuing to gain weight which is great!  Today we weighed in at 1600 grams!  A little over 3lbs 8oz!  Some of you may not be surprised by the next number...he's still 16 inches tall.  (he doesn't exactly have a big chance to be 6ft with us as parents though).  The medical team did not make any changes or adjustments to his care plan today.

Ben and I went home yesterday to get Hudson's room ready.  His room is officially ready for him:)  We still have a few other things to get, but nothing that will stop him from coming home:)

"My new house looks like a mansion, compared to my current house!" - Hudson
(his nurses call his isolette his house)

"Why did my Mommy take a picture of my dresser?" - Hudson

"Daddy and I love the COLTS!  I'm so happy they won!" - Hudson

"Mommy's turn holding me!" - Hudson

"I have to gain 200 more grams before I can be in a big boy crib and can be held as much as Mommy and Daddy want to hold me!" - Hudson

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Stinky Hudson

Yesterday Hudson went through not 1, not 2, but 3 outfits:)  How can such a sweet lil guy have such explosions with his bag...his outfits were stained from the armpit down to the feet...and Hudson just grinned:)

They had taken another chest xray and no change, still some haziness.
No changes to his care plan other than him starting the iron that they ordered from him the day before.

Hudson had 1 on 1 with Daddy time, while I visited with my Mom in the lobby.   I figure it's good for Ben and Hudson because I'm with him all day every day and when Ben is there I am too.  I thought he might like some alone time.  Shortly after he had some family visit...the big argument now between family that comes to visit...he smiled at me, he opened his eyes for me and he waved at me...hahaha!  In just a very short time Hudson will be constantly in their business saying but you couldn't wait for me to look at you, smile at you and wave at you...

Hudson had 1 brady yesterday when his nurse was doing his care....Yesterday was a much better day!

"i can't wait for my little brother to come home!" - Colt

"I've got this pacifier thing down!  Let's try food with it!" - Hudson

"Please let me have a nurse with a sense of humor!" - Hudson

Thursday, October 25, 2012


t.g.f.h.d. - thank goodness for hair dye!

After yesterday, I have been a bit on edge if you will.  Probably over analyzing every facial expression, cry, yawn, stretch, etc...

Ben always calls and checks on Hudson on his way to work and then calls and updates me.  Hudson had 2 more bradys during the night shift.  

Today...I get to his bedside earlier than usual and did his care.  When I was doing it the NP comes over to discuss his chest xray from this morning.  She said it looked better than last night but still a little hazy on the outer part of his lungs.  We had our usual day...
  • he looked at me and I looked at him (repeat)
  • he smiled at me and I smiled at him (repeat)
  • he cried and surprisingly I didn't cry (not that often)
  • he peed and I changed his diaper 
  • he pooped and I emptied his bag
  • he listened and I read (repeat)
    • my favorite part of one of his books reads:  I'll love you forever, I like you for always, As long as I'm living My baby you'll be.  When I get to the part about my baby you'll be he always smiles.  I love his reactions:)
  • he flirted with the nurses and doctors (repeat)
Hudson's team decided to make a few changes today...
  1. lower the caffeine dose
  2. stop the multi-vitamin dose
  3. add an iron dose
All of these things were done in response to his new daily thing that gives Mommy gray hairs!  A BRADY...

So, we are into our day (about 11) and he'd been good (no signs of a brady).  So I got comfortable with the idea of holding him again.  Decided I'd do that after the 2 o'clock care, and that lil booger had 2 bradys while I was holding him again.  On one of them his feeding tube had come out so, once he was suctioned he was fine.  Neither one was anything like yesterday, but enough to make me give him a good talking to.  I explained to him that he is aging me quickly!  I told him that thank goodness for hair dye because Amy is going to cover up my gray hairs he's giving me!  He smiled when I told him that...he plays possum very well.  After we snuggled, I was doing his care time and noticed his chest didn't look right.  I questioned it so the doctor came to have a look and listen.  The doctor said that Hudson looked like he was working harder to breathe, probably from yesterday's episode and that she was going to give him more flow on his vapotherm to help expand him so he wasn't working so hard.  She scheduled another chest xray in the morning to see how his lungs look.  The doctor was telling me, the bradys could be a sign that Hudson has an infection so overnight if he has any difficulty they will do a septic work up...cultures to see if he has an infection so they can treat.  

A few hours later, Ben and I walk in.  As Ben is washing his hands I look over and see Hudson's heart rate dropping.  I know the rules, wash hands before going in the isolette...but when you see the heart rate falling...all rules are out the window.  I purelled myself though and opened up his isolette and rubbed his back...didn't really do the trick so I lifted him up a little and his heart rate was back up but then his oxygen level went down.  Ben was like Hudson, you can't set your alarms off every time I walk in!  Needless to say, none of the bradys he had today were anything like the one yesterday, but all are taken very serious.

Ben is on fall break so Hudson and I get him for 4 days:)  Hudson is very excited...who am I kidding so am I!  I love it when Ben starts talking and Hudson's eyes just pop open.  He recognizes our voices and he only hears his Daddy's so often...so usually when Ben first walks in and talks Hudson is looking all around to find Ben because usually he isn't where Hudson can see him yet.  And then once Hudson can see him, he'll smile. :)  

Ben and I are very thankful that Hudson is in the best care possible!  Hudson has brought so much joy and love into our life that I never thought imaginable...I'll admit, I'm wrapped!  And I'm pretty sure he has Ben wrapped too!  And if I didn't know any better...I'm pretty sure lots of others out there are wrapped too!  Our family is so blessed to have so many loving people in our life!!!!  Thank you for your continued prayers, keep them coming!

A few of my favorites from today:)

"Mommy, seriously...let me pick out my own clothes from now on!" - Hudson
(this was his first outfit yesterday, it says "Mommy's Big Guy")

"Will you read me that one story again?" - Hudson

"Do these monkey's make my feet look big?" - Hudson

"shhh, I'm hiding!  I don't want to go back in my house!" - Hudson

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Scary October Day

Fittingly with Hudson, he does not follow any plan, including scaring people on Halloween.  Oh no, he had to do it a week before Halloween.  He had a great day until I arrived at 3:15 pm in the NICU.  I went to say hi to Hudson and Kim after I washed my hands and all of a sudden his alarms started going off, so I look to see what it was and it wasn't good. 

The monitors did not pick up a heartbeat or his Oxygen level.  I thought the probes fell off.  I was wrong, I quickly moved out of the way and a nurse from across the aisle comes over to stimulate Hudson.  He became too comfortable in his moms arms.  He did not respond, so she called for help and the other nurse took him from Kim to place him in his isolette.  As she started to work on him, the respiratory therapist arrived at bedside followed by a nurse practitioner and the attending doctor.  As I stood there feeling helpless, I noticed the RT reaching for the handheld breath giver thingy they use when they need to resuscitate a baby.  Fortunately, Hudson came back to normal and everybody was able to calm down.  His mom and I were freaked out, overcome by emotions and couldn't believe what we just saw.  He was lifeless or appeared that way. 

In reality, this is common and it was his first major apnea for premature babies and a Brady.  He has had minor ones where he gets his heart rate and breathing back up on his own.  He will grow out of this and we are told this is to be expected with him.  Kim and I were still shocked by what we saw.

Afterwards, they ordered a chest X-Ray.  It showed the air coming into his lungs not reaching  the outer parts of his lungs, so they upped the LPM to 3.0.  He was at 2.0.  They will do another chest X-ray in the morning to see how the adjustment is helping his lungs. 

He did gain more weight, up to 3 lbs 7.5 oz.

His feedings now are 30 ml over 60 minutes as opposed to 27 ml over 90 minutes.  He gets fed every three hours. 

He now gets to wear clothes!!!

"I love wearing clothes under my halo!" - Hudson

"I'm exhausted after my eventful afternoon. I better be a good boy, mommy and daddy did not look happy." - Hudson

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Eyeday Tuesday

Big day today...Hudson had his first of many eye exams!  Testing for ROP.  I stepped out of the room, I wasn't sure I could stomach it or not.  Hudson's nurse said he did great, fussed at first but then gave it up.

((What is ROP?  According to wikipedia...Retinopathy of prematurity (ROP), previously known as retrolental fibroplasia (RLF), is an eye disease that affects prematurely-born babies. It is thought to be caused by disorganized growth of retinal blood vessels which may result in scarring and retinal detachment. ROP can be mild and may resolve spontaneously, but it may lead to blindness in serious cases. As such, all preterm babies are at risk for ROP, and very low birth weight is an additional risk factor. Both oxygen toxicity and relative hypoxia can contribute to the development of ROP.))

Eye doctor report:  His eyes are immature.  He has a mild case of ROP.  Will be seen again in 2 weeks.

Hudson's plan for today was:
  1. decreased his lpm (liters per minute) on his vapotherm!  
  2. keep his food volume the same.  feed over 60 minutes vs 90 minutes every 3 hours.
  3. going down on caffeine dose.  (the pharmacist called him out on being a "wild man" and maybe able to cut back)
Hudson stories:
Anytime I'm away from the room the nurses, docs, rt's, etc love to tell me what Hudson has been up to...
  1. His NP walked over to see him this morning and she said he was just going to town sucking on his thumb and he was waving at her by wiggling his fingers so he didn't have to stop sucking.  
  2. Shortly before I got there this morning Hudson threw a huge hissy fit.  One so big that he never even woke up when I did his care...undressed him, changed diaper, emptied his bag, changed his probe, took temperature, did his oral care, dressed him...nothing phased him!
  3. His nurse today told me not to be surprised if we get "newbie" nurses.  Because Hudson is just growing and hanging out for the most part...he is a fun easy baby to take care of in comparison to his friends.  
Going Home:
His nurse and I talked in depth today about reality of the earliest we could go home...and it is exciting but also still lots to do!  There's a checklist of things Ben and I have to do before Hudson can go home...we talked about car seats, laundry detergents, crib and bedding, etc...Benny and I have homework to do so when it is time to go home it happens smoothly as possible.

Pictures from today:
"Growing and gaining weight is exhausting!" - Hudson

"Oh, it's you again.  Did you bring me a scooby snack?" - Hudson

"I am shaking my fist at you!" Hudson

"I'm bored!  There's nothing to do." - Hudson

"Why do the nurses have to tell on me!" - Hudson

"This milk flavored pacifier is very relaxing." - Hudson

"The milk flavor is like a sleepy miracle." - Hudson

"No pets allowed in the NICU, but they made an exception for me!" - Hudson

Outside of the NICU...I love how the staff is always so professional, cheery and try to make you feel as "at home" as possible.  They decorated the outside of the NICU today for Halloween and Breast Cancer Awareness month!

Monday, October 22, 2012

New game plan

Routine and Plans...that's Ben...Middle of the road routine and plans...that's Kim (me)...Off roading the routine and plans...that's Hudson!

Scoop of the day!
  1. Hudson had a few brady's during the night shift, nothing too concerning,
  2. Hudson's nurse also told us to never have him around an open flame once he's home because he is such a little gas!  ber & smh
  3. His oxygen has stayed between 25% to 30%.  
  4. They are adding the max amount of calories to his food to get him to gain weight.
  5. We met Hudson's new attending...she is no nonsense and aggressive...her goal for Hudson is:
    1. chunk him up
    2. get off vapotherm
    3. have his 2nd surgery in 3 weeks (this will depend on weight and surgeon)
  6. His nurse dipped his pacifier today in his breast milk so he got to taste it for the first time today! He was funny, because then she had a dropper and would give him a drop at a time and it was like he was begging for more!
  7. Hudson is notorious for pulling his feeding tube out!  Today, his nurse did her best tape job and made the comment he wouldn't be able to pull that one out...he didn't pull it out, but he slobbered and gummed it out!  He was pretty proud of himself!
Shots of the day!
"Mommy, do I really have to go back in my house?" - Hudson

"I wonder what I'll be when I grow up... respiratory therapist, nurse, doctor...ahh the choices" - Hudson

"Mommy sure does talk a lot." - Hudson

"Just give me the pacifier and nobody gets hurt." - Hudson

"Someday my fist will be bigger than Mommy's!" - Hudson

"I thought for sure my fist was bigger than a quarter, get another angle and I want a 50cent piece." - Hudson

"Who's coming to visit?" - Hudson

"OMG!" - Hudson

"Hey you, baby over there...be quiet, respect your elders!" - Hudson
(he looks like a grumpy old man here...too funny)

"Hahaha, and you didn't think I could get my feeding tube out!!!!  Go ahead, dare me again!" - Hudson

"ok ok, please give me my feeding tube back!" - Hudson

"yummy, milk flavored pacifier!!!" - Hudson

"Daddy gave me a hand so my pacifier wouldn't fall out!" - Hudson

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Ham or Flirt...

One thing is for sure after today...Hudson is quite the little ham or flirt!  He is very awake and alert after hands on care and he loved his nurse and nurse practitioner today!  And that stood there and talked to him while he smiled and made faces at them, it was hilarious!

For the most part...over the next several weeks we are going to be pretty low key just increasing food and gaining weight (Hudson that is...Mommy is trying to get rid excess).

Our Highlights today:)

  1. Hudson and Daddy started a tradition today and watched the Colts game via ESPN live feed...Daddy hopes sooner than later they can watch the game!
  2. Daddy is now a pro at Hands on Care:)  Hudson now gives him a run for his money like he does me and won't hold still.
  3. Now when I walk to Hudson's bedside and say good morning or Mommy's back...he just looks at me and smiles:)  I love seeing all of his face now!
  4. He is still doing really well on his vapotherm.
  5. Hudson's Stats for Sunday:
    1. Height:  16 inches
    2. Weight: 3 lbs 5 oz
    3. Head: 29.5 cm
  6. The doctors increased his food volume!  

Picture time:)
"Mommy wants me to smile...so I give her this face instead:)" - Hudson

"Daddy + Me = Happy Mommy" - Hudson

"Daddy, why is Luck making the touchdowns?" - Hudson

"I stretching!  This Halo really keeps me in place!  Oh, no...what does Daddy have?" - Hudson

"Oh no!  Daddy, why!?!  Why does my mouth have to be clean?" - Hudson

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Vapo Halo

  1. Pleasantly surprised this morning when we found Hudson on VAPOTHERM this morning!  I was shocked because yesterday the doctors made it sound like no changes off cpap til next week.  Well, Hudson wrote his own order for Vapotherm.  He wouldn't leave his cpap mask on last night and in a last ditch effort his nurse asked the doctors if we could switch him because he was on 21% to 25% oxygen.  He's been on it all day and has done great!  So now we get to see all of his face!  Hudson makes his own rules about his respiratory needs...
  2. Hudson has also shown his ability to be able to army crawl or something when his blanket is over his isolette.  No matter how much they restrain him...he will never be in the same position.  So, his nurse talked with the doctor today and a BIG change was made.  He got rid of the humidifier and got a Halo Sack!  (Halo Sack is like a sleeper that you are wrapped up in)  Hudson loves it...although no matter how tightly you get him in there...he finds a way to get his arms free!  
  3. Daddy and Hudson rocked today while watching the ESPN Live feed for the PU game and for some of the IU game.  It was so cute to watch them.  Hudson was awake for some of it.  
  4. Up to maximum food for his weight!
  5. He gained another half ounce...he's 3lbs 4.5oz today!
  6. He had a few visitors today...He got to see Great Grandpa and Grandma Murray, he was wide awake for them...even waved bye to Great Grandma!  It was the funniest thing.  Hudson is a little ham...He also go to see his Granny and Poppop...Granny was in heaven because he smiled at her!
  7. During Daddy&Hudson time, Hudson got a new isolette!
  8. Since I get to spend so much time with Hudson, I suggested that Ben go back to see Hudson tonight without me.  And Ben had an adventure!
    1. He got to do Hands On Care on his own tonight!!!
    2. He got Hudson unzipped from his Halo Sack and low and behold Hudson had a stinky mess waiting for Daddy!  He had a leak and it was all over his halo sack, and all over him!  Ben at that point felt a little over his head and asked Hudson's nurse to step in for clean up.  Ben's exact words to me were...I wasn't going near that!
    3. The nurses reassured Ben that the "Dads" just aren't that great when it comes to messes like that.
    4. Of course, all this clean up, applying a new bag, changing bedding...got Hudson all fired up!  He had worn himself out and had himself a little brady which he needed stimulation and oxygen for.  But Ben and his nurse were right there when it happened.
I'm sure I've forgotten bits and pieces...

Enjoy just a few of our memories from today:)

"why are they always waking me up to change my diaper!" - Hudson

"What you looking at Willis?" - Hudson

"WHOO HOOO no more ugly noisy mask!" - Hudson

"Look at me...I broke the rules!  I don't weigh enough to have clothes on and I get to wear a halo sack...because the nurses call me a wild man" - Hudson

"I so snuggly!" - Hudson

"In case you forget who I am...just look at my hat" - Hudson

"Mommy and Daddy think they make the rules...I don't like my arms in my halo sack and I don't like to wear hats!  I will just have to keep reminding them that I'm in charge!" - Hudson

"Daddy and I after IU's first touchdown...too bad they lost:(" - Hudson 

"I can't believe my Mommy takes so many pictures of me, it's not like I've changed." - Hudson