Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Go Cardinals!

Hudson Highlights:
  1. His chest xray looked good!
  2. Because his chest xray showed he still had lots of air on his belly they switched him from SiPAP to CPAP.  Overall by the end of the day he seemed to be doing really well:)
  3. He gained another 1/2 ounce!!!  He's now 3lbs 6oz
  4. He was still on 18ml over 90minutes for feedings every 3 hours, but finally with his 5pm care he had digested all the food!!!  If that continues he'll get more food can tell he's hungry because he's grasping at anything to put into his mouth.  He loved his pacifier today!
  5. Not so much of a highlight, but today was the residents last day on his rotation...and Hudson was his first case his first day on the job so he stopped by and looked him over real good and wished us the best.  
  6. He was on 25% to 27% oxygen the majority of the day. Mainly on cpap.
  7. He got his bedding changed, he's now laying on a football field!
  8. Hudson and I snuggled!  I was holding him at 12:29 today...4 weeks from the exact time he was born.  Felt good to just hold him as I had a trip down memory lane from that day...
  9. He likes the prongs better than his cpap mask...which is the opposite for most babies I'm told.
  10. He wasn't nearly as fussy today...which I'm hoping that means he's starting to feel better!
  11. One of my favorites from today...I told Hudson to look at me for a picture, his eyes closed tight.  I laughed and was telling the nurse I was trying to get a picture for his Daddy and wouldn't you know eyes were wide open looking around.  So, I got the picture I wanted to send Ben:) 

I love to tell Hudson about the shenanigans that are going outside the NICU...recently there has been quite a stir via mine and Ben's facebook where Hudson's Aunties:)  with what sports teams we all think he will cheer for.  Well, more than likely he'll be like his Daddy and be a Cubs fan...but  since they have no shot at going to the World Series I was telling Hudson how if the Cardinals win that his Great Aunt Sherry, Great Uncle Roger and his cousins were going to go to the world series and how cool would that be.  So Hudson and I snuggled on it and we decided we were going to be temporary cardinal fans!

Overall Hudson got lots of hugs, touches, kisses and loves today via me from all of you!

Hudson's photo shoot from today:)

"Have you ever seen a nurse magnet?  You have now!" - Hudson

"No more pictures unless you give me more food!  I want food so I can fill my wrinkles and wear clothes!" - Hudson

"When in doubt, my Mommy is always got her eye on me...does she think I can really escape?" - Hudson

"I've got to figure out a way to get this thing off my face without alarming!" - Hudson

"I got football bedding today!" - Hudson

"This is my first house, what do you think?  I'm renting, but the return on investment is worth it Daddy says!" - Hudson

"Did you say Daddy was here?" - Hudson

"I'm ready for my massage!" - Hudson

60 more days until December 17th...and lots of growing, maintaining, healing and giggles to happen in that time.  

Hugs & Slobbers,

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