Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Word of the day...MAINTAIN

Hudson had a good day!  Long story short, with how his chest xrays look and the results of his blood gas tests Dr. K (resident) told me today that they are now only going to do ONE blood gas on him when they do the rest of his labs in the early am, unless Hudson would show reason for more to be taken.  Ben and I were very encouraged by this!  If he continues to tolerate his current feeding they'll up the amount mid-week:)  The goal is for him to be solely on breast milk vs the iv food from a bag.

Remember in school when notes were sent home to your parents...well today all the parents got a note from the powers that be of the NICU.  At first, I thought I was the only one and I had done something wrong, but quickly learned all parents got the same note.  The NICU team is simply reminding the parents of cold/flu/RSV season and the need for precautions to take, not only for Hudson but for all of the babies in the NICU.  The note went on in detail about what not to bring into the modules, how to wash, etc.  It isn't mandatory, but HIGHLY encouraged that all parents get a flu shot and TDAP I believe.  They describe the majority of NICU babies immune systems as not having one and are at a higher risk of catching something, exactly like a cancer patient.  Ben and I have been shot with vaccines!  We are to be extra cautious and not risk exposing ourselves or Hudson.  A bit of a wake up call...because I don't want Hudson to end up in isolation!  So if you see Ben or I (probably more likely Ben since he's back home and back at work) and you aren't feeling well please avoid us.  Just send us a text or give us a call...trust me...we'll understand and appreciate the fact that you don't want to risk exposing us...even if it is the common cold.

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