Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Scary October Day

Fittingly with Hudson, he does not follow any plan, including scaring people on Halloween.  Oh no, he had to do it a week before Halloween.  He had a great day until I arrived at 3:15 pm in the NICU.  I went to say hi to Hudson and Kim after I washed my hands and all of a sudden his alarms started going off, so I look to see what it was and it wasn't good. 

The monitors did not pick up a heartbeat or his Oxygen level.  I thought the probes fell off.  I was wrong, I quickly moved out of the way and a nurse from across the aisle comes over to stimulate Hudson.  He became too comfortable in his moms arms.  He did not respond, so she called for help and the other nurse took him from Kim to place him in his isolette.  As she started to work on him, the respiratory therapist arrived at bedside followed by a nurse practitioner and the attending doctor.  As I stood there feeling helpless, I noticed the RT reaching for the handheld breath giver thingy they use when they need to resuscitate a baby.  Fortunately, Hudson came back to normal and everybody was able to calm down.  His mom and I were freaked out, overcome by emotions and couldn't believe what we just saw.  He was lifeless or appeared that way. 

In reality, this is common and it was his first major apnea for premature babies and a Brady.  He has had minor ones where he gets his heart rate and breathing back up on his own.  He will grow out of this and we are told this is to be expected with him.  Kim and I were still shocked by what we saw.

Afterwards, they ordered a chest X-Ray.  It showed the air coming into his lungs not reaching  the outer parts of his lungs, so they upped the LPM to 3.0.  He was at 2.0.  They will do another chest X-ray in the morning to see how the adjustment is helping his lungs. 

He did gain more weight, up to 3 lbs 7.5 oz.

His feedings now are 30 ml over 60 minutes as opposed to 27 ml over 90 minutes.  He gets fed every three hours. 

He now gets to wear clothes!!!

"I love wearing clothes under my halo!" - Hudson

"I'm exhausted after my eventful afternoon. I better be a good boy, mommy and daddy did not look happy." - Hudson

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