Friday, October 19, 2012

I'm ONE month old!

Hudson Happenings:
  1. Hudson in the last 24 hours only had one brady.  It happened this morning when his nurse was positioning him.  She said he just needed some extra oxygen and stimulation.  Doctors and nurses all reassure us that this is very very common for his age/prematurity.
  2. He did so well on his digestion that they are giving him more food!  They were gradually working him up each feeding to be on "full feeds" at 2am:)  Granted, full feeds will continue to change as he gains weight.
  3. Speaking of weight...lil man shrank!  He weighed in at 3lbs 4oz today.  Which is common because yesterday he went off the iv fluids.  So they are increasing his food and they are adding extra calories to everything they give him.  He'll be a lil chunk in no time!  
  4. He did very well all day on his oxygen and for a better part of the day was on 21% oxygen, which is room air!  So the doctors are going to continue to monitor it and make adjustments to decrease the cpap settings.
  5. Best of all we (Hudson and Mommy) snuggled!  While we were snuggling Daddy came in to the module!  Ben started talking and Hudson's eyes were open the second he heard his Daddy's voice.  He looked at him for a few seconds and then went back to snoozing.  It definitely made Ben's day!
  6. When I put him back from snuggle time, it was hands on care time.  The nurse let us do his care with the sides down...which meant Daddy participated fully...except the poo bag (he won't go near it).  Today was officially the day where Ben changed Hudson's first diaper...every time I'd try to help Ben would tell me "I've got this!"  
Needless to was a great day!  Lots of reflection on where we've come in the last month!!!  Hudson is now one of the "old timers" in his module.  Doctors are very pleased with his "lovely progress" over the past month as one of them said today in rounds.

And it wouldn't be a Mommy blog entry if there weren't at least a few pictures:)  Enjoy our ONE month old:)  

"I could really go for some food to actually be on the other end of my pacifier!" - Hudson

"So this is what one month old feels like...this baby thing is a piece of cake!  Hmmm, cake flavored milk sounds good!!!!" - Hudson 

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