Tuesday, October 9, 2012

More vent talk...

I got to Hudson's bedside this morning and his doctors had made some changes.   Hudson had been switched to a conventional vent this morning...and his feedings went up to 3ml per hour...which he tolerated very well today.  When I first saw him this morning his oxygen was set at 25%, which is just 4% over the oxygen we breathe.  Mid day through the time I left this evening he was at 30%.

That's right Ben and I get to learn this machine now...and we were just starting to understand the jet vent and its terms.
Hudson's new vent! (picture didn't upload right)

The switch also means Ben and I can do skin to skin care...also known as kangaroo care!  Otherwise known as HOLDING TIME!!!   And here we thought that we wouldn't be able to hold him again for another 2 weeks!  This news made for a very Happy Tuesday!  I told Ben he could do it ...and he insisted I be the one.  So I did!   45 minutes was the goal for Hudson ...but he lasted for 105 minutes;) Not that I was counting!!!

10/9/12 - Hudson is 20 days old:)
Weighing in at a whopping 3 lbs.
And better late than never...we have an OFFICIAL length too...he is 14.75 inches!  (so go get out your rulers so you can visualize)

Thank you thank you thank you!!!!  Ben and I are so thankful for all of our family, friends and perfect strangers to keep us lifted up with Hudson's good and not so good days.

And of course memories from our day:)  Enjoy...

"Mommy I look like an old man with this white beard" - Hudson

"NO HANDS!  Ready to tame the BEAST!" - Hudson

"Daddy says I'm not ready to tame the Beast yet, what does he know?  Doesn't he know I make the rules now?" - Hudson

"What time did they say I could snuggle with Mommy?  I'm a little nervous." - Hudson

"Finally!" - Hudson

"Mommy, cover me up!" - Hudson

"Why is everyone looking at us Mommy?" - Hudson

"I could get used to this treatment" - Hudson

"I just got comfortable, what are you doing to me now?" - Hudson
 "Daddy, make them leave me and Mommy alone" - Hudson


"I hope Mommy is this excited in every picture with me" - Hudson

"So, when can we go home?  I did what you asked.  I pooped!" - Hudson

"Why don't they just take this tube out of my mouth?" - Hudson

"I so sleepy" - Hudson

"I. must. stay. awake." - Hudson

"NO MOMMY!!! Please don't put me down, I promise I won't make any more of my alarms go off!!!" - Hudson

"I thought we had a deal!  Next time I want Daddy to hold me." - Hudson

BIG HUGS!!!!  

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  1. I'm loving today's post! Yay for kangeroo care. P.S. Kim's captions are way better than Ben's. P.P.S. Go Hoosiers!