Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Mini Ben

Let me first off by saying last evening I went to visit my favorite night nurse from University Hospital to give her an update on Hudson:)  One night last week she had brought a family over and decided to sneak a peak at Mr. Hudson:)  She said, I cannot get over how much he looks like Ben! His hairline, his nose, etc...and she couldn't get over how much hair he had either.  I think it is funny that she only saw Ben less than a handful of times and could see a Mini Ben when she looked at Hudson!  And we all know Hudson is just like his Daddy because we are on his time...poor Ben has been so off his routine since he met me and then it only got crazier when Hudson came into our life!

On to the Hudson News of the day...

Hudson's nurse today was from a different module, she introduced herself to me and told me all about how he was doing and what his care plan was for today.  His usual workup...continuous feed (he was increased to 4ml per hour today!!!), hands on care by his Momma, in the afternoon care she'd get his weight and if he'd gained he could have Kangaroo Care again...I was praying he was like me at that point hoping he'd put some weight on:) Let me just say...he is my son!  He gained weight!!!!!  He is now 3 lbs and 1 oz, but every lil bit helps him in to my arms:)

Every 4 hours Hudson is rotated so he is good and rounded...we don't want any flat spots on his poor lil body.  Anyways, while that was happening he managed to get his feeding tube out again!  So the nurse got a new tube because every Wednesday all feeding tubes have to be replaced.  So she just did it sooner than she had planned (again, Hudson's time).  She told me she was going to stick it in his nose this time so he'd have one less thing in his mouth.  Can I just say OUCH!!!!!  As I'm writing this I get queasy thinking about it.  I have had the pleasure of having a tube down my nose twice...I know it hurts!  Hudson was MAD!  As soon as she got it in place he was fine, however the picture below was right after it was done and he looks like he is in a state of shock still.  But you see the little orange tube going into his nose.
"Mommy, I cannot believe you just stood there and let her do that to me!!!" - Hudson

He is getting less and less sedation or pain medicine so he is a little wiggle worm or wild man...however you want to think of him but both are pretty good names for him.  He has been laying on this pillow thing that molds around him to keep him in place, later last week they started to have to "restrain" him with a cloth across him bottom or his shoulders...sometimes he had 2.  Well right before kangaroo time, his alarms started going off and his monitor showed his heart rate was a little higher so the nurse peaked in at him (he has a blanket cover his isolette so it isn't so bright on his eyes) guess where Hudson was (of course he was still in his box) his pillow.  That's what I get for leaving his bedside, he tried to run away!  So he got a new type of pillow called a "Snuggie".  I don't see how he'll get out of this one...

"As soon as they put the blanket back down I'll make my move!" - Hudson

"I have to come up with a new escape plan!  They are smarter than I think..." - Hudson

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