Thursday, October 18, 2012


(I've had two friends send me texts with the picture from a TX airport and the other from a Chicago airport...who knew Hudson News would be nationwide)
  1. Oxygen needs were in the mid 20's today!
  2. PICC line removed!!!  No more TPN or clear fluids.
  3. Digesting and Tolerating his food well.  He's getting extra calories added to his milk since he is no longer doing the tpn or clear fluids.
  4. Got snuggles today! (kangaroo care)
  5. Hudson is quite the charmer...he is all smiles any more!
  6. His Grandma and Great Grandma came to visit him today, he was wide awake for them...probably because it was right after his hands on care time and he is always wide eyed for that!  
  7. I read him all of his books today, 8 or so and it was funny because when I was reading the Dora book he opened his eyes and I was showing him the pictures.  It was a book about finding Boots candy that had been swiped by non other than Swiper!  They had to go through the spooky forest and through the pumpkin patch before making it to the haunted house where they found Swiper dressed as a ghost!  
  8. He got his poo bag changed today because it had...sprung a leak!  Let me just say...ewww!  He was one stinky boy!
  9. It's days like today that I wonder who he is related to because he lost weight again.  He keeps dancing around between 3lbs 5.5oz and 3lbs 6oz.  He can't wear clothes until he is 3lbs 8oz. 
  10.  Oh, and since yesterday was the "go cardinals" post...I was telling Hudson that they won last night!  I went on to tell him about his Auntie Sazabeth going to give him a talking to about this Cardinals nonsense and he smiled.  Not that I needed confirmation...but just one more thing he has done to confirm he is JUST like his Daddy!
Memories from today:)
"I'm going to be a Respiratory Therapist when I grow up, I know how to adjust my own tube" - Hudson 

"And making sure I've got a good seal so I don't need so much oxygen!" - Hudson

"Go ahead Mommy, last picture with my picc line.  I'll even strike a pose:)" - Hudson

"Snuggle time with Mommy!  My favorite part of the day!" - Hudson

"I also get to drool on someone besides myself!  Mommy loves it though, she told me!" - Hudson

"Phew, what a day!  I think I'll just kick back, relax and let the tube feed me!" - Hudson

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  1. I love that Hudson wants to be a Respiratory Therapist like his Aunt Mel!! Warms my heart <3 :) I will teach him everything I know :)