Saturday, October 27, 2012

Stinky Hudson

Yesterday Hudson went through not 1, not 2, but 3 outfits:)  How can such a sweet lil guy have such explosions with his bag...his outfits were stained from the armpit down to the feet...and Hudson just grinned:)

They had taken another chest xray and no change, still some haziness.
No changes to his care plan other than him starting the iron that they ordered from him the day before.

Hudson had 1 on 1 with Daddy time, while I visited with my Mom in the lobby.   I figure it's good for Ben and Hudson because I'm with him all day every day and when Ben is there I am too.  I thought he might like some alone time.  Shortly after he had some family visit...the big argument now between family that comes to visit...he smiled at me, he opened his eyes for me and he waved at me...hahaha!  In just a very short time Hudson will be constantly in their business saying but you couldn't wait for me to look at you, smile at you and wave at you...

Hudson had 1 brady yesterday when his nurse was doing his care....Yesterday was a much better day!

"i can't wait for my little brother to come home!" - Colt

"I've got this pacifier thing down!  Let's try food with it!" - Hudson

"Please let me have a nurse with a sense of humor!" - Hudson

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