Saturday, October 20, 2012

Vapo Halo

  1. Pleasantly surprised this morning when we found Hudson on VAPOTHERM this morning!  I was shocked because yesterday the doctors made it sound like no changes off cpap til next week.  Well, Hudson wrote his own order for Vapotherm.  He wouldn't leave his cpap mask on last night and in a last ditch effort his nurse asked the doctors if we could switch him because he was on 21% to 25% oxygen.  He's been on it all day and has done great!  So now we get to see all of his face!  Hudson makes his own rules about his respiratory needs...
  2. Hudson has also shown his ability to be able to army crawl or something when his blanket is over his isolette.  No matter how much they restrain him...he will never be in the same position.  So, his nurse talked with the doctor today and a BIG change was made.  He got rid of the humidifier and got a Halo Sack!  (Halo Sack is like a sleeper that you are wrapped up in)  Hudson loves it...although no matter how tightly you get him in there...he finds a way to get his arms free!  
  3. Daddy and Hudson rocked today while watching the ESPN Live feed for the PU game and for some of the IU game.  It was so cute to watch them.  Hudson was awake for some of it.  
  4. Up to maximum food for his weight!
  5. He gained another half ounce...he's 3lbs 4.5oz today!
  6. He had a few visitors today...He got to see Great Grandpa and Grandma Murray, he was wide awake for them...even waved bye to Great Grandma!  It was the funniest thing.  Hudson is a little ham...He also go to see his Granny and Poppop...Granny was in heaven because he smiled at her!
  7. During Daddy&Hudson time, Hudson got a new isolette!
  8. Since I get to spend so much time with Hudson, I suggested that Ben go back to see Hudson tonight without me.  And Ben had an adventure!
    1. He got to do Hands On Care on his own tonight!!!
    2. He got Hudson unzipped from his Halo Sack and low and behold Hudson had a stinky mess waiting for Daddy!  He had a leak and it was all over his halo sack, and all over him!  Ben at that point felt a little over his head and asked Hudson's nurse to step in for clean up.  Ben's exact words to me were...I wasn't going near that!
    3. The nurses reassured Ben that the "Dads" just aren't that great when it comes to messes like that.
    4. Of course, all this clean up, applying a new bag, changing Hudson all fired up!  He had worn himself out and had himself a little brady which he needed stimulation and oxygen for.  But Ben and his nurse were right there when it happened.
I'm sure I've forgotten bits and pieces...

Enjoy just a few of our memories from today:)

"why are they always waking me up to change my diaper!" - Hudson

"What you looking at Willis?" - Hudson

"WHOO HOOO no more ugly noisy mask!" - Hudson

"Look at me...I broke the rules!  I don't weigh enough to have clothes on and I get to wear a halo sack...because the nurses call me a wild man" - Hudson

"I so snuggly!" - Hudson

"In case you forget who I am...just look at my hat" - Hudson

"Mommy and Daddy think they make the rules...I don't like my arms in my halo sack and I don't like to wear hats!  I will just have to keep reminding them that I'm in charge!" - Hudson

"Daddy and I after IU's first touchdown...too bad they lost:(" - Hudson 

"I can't believe my Mommy takes so many pictures of me, it's not like I've changed." - Hudson

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  1. But it DOES look like he's changed! Without his cpap mask, he looks older. Yay Hudson!