Thursday, January 31, 2013


Hudson is growing like a weed!  I finally got his 4 month pictures done!  He was so good...wouldn't crack a smile though...

We take him back Tuesday for his eye exam and then Friday a weight check at the pediatrician ...he's been eating so hopefully the scale shows his hard work. 

We are also starting a weekly visit to miss libbys he can ease in to me dropping him off daily. 

Thank you for all your continued love and support!  It is very much felt!

Tired and very blessed,

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Recap of the past week...

So Hudson had a big day Tuesday!  First of all...Mommy and Hudson are NOT morning people.  Poor Ben!  Anyways, Hudson and I had to get up and ready to leave when Daddy got home to pick us up.  Ben taught his zero hour class but had taken the rest of Tuesday off to go to Riley with Hudson and I.  It was nothing short of a miracle but we managed to be ready when Daddy got home.  That included Hudson being fed, changed and ready to go and myself showered and ready...
We arrive at Riley for Hudson's pulmonary appointment.  The nurse, np and doctor all assessed him.  When we first arrived they monitored his oxygen sats, of course still on oxygen it was 100% (94-100 is the goal).  She took him off the oxygen, messed with him, left the room, etc...when they monitor his number again it is still 100%!  That's AWESOME!  So, the plan moving forward.  She ordered equipment for us to monitor his number throughout the day...because he is now allowed to be off oxygen during waking hours!  This also includes his monitor!  SO, he has to wear oxygen and the monitor when he's sleeping and in the car.  We scheduled his next appointment mid February to see how he handled the change and also to see if we are ready for another sleep study to see if he's ready to come off oxygen all together....We have less than a hour to waste before his eye exam.  So we head to the cafeteria to grab some lunch and to feed Hudson.  Saw lots of familiar faces.  Ran in to a nurse that was in the same module as Hudson, but never was the sole care giver to him.  She'd watch over him if someone went to lunch, etc.  We loved her just as much as we did the nurses that did care for Hudson their entire shift.  It was good to catch up with her and she liked the progress she was seeing in Hudson.  No Oxygen on and he'd gained weight since the last time she'd seen him.  We told her to pass along our hello's because we knew we'd probably not get up to the NICU to say hello ourselves...After a yummy lunch (I'm so kidding!  but Ben does look forward to the cafeteria food...he's weird).  We headed to the dreaded eye exam!  We always seem to be there forever, but its because they have to put the drops in and they are spaced out and after about a hour...then the exam!  He looked good, doctor was pleased and said he's healing quite nicely.  He gets a 3 week break this time!  We got ourselves bundled up and headed home!  Home sweet Home!!!  Hudson got to experience the house without his oxygen or monitor hooked to him, we were able to freely carry him from room to room without tripping or getting caught!  He was off oxygen for probably 5 hours and did great!

Wednesday...Hudson woke up like usual.  Fed him his first bottle...he kept falling asleep while I was giving it to him.  I put his oxygen back on and he slept and he slept and he slept.  he should have woke up around 9 to eat again, but didn't.  So, I woke him up at 10 to eat.  But I had to completely undress him, change his diaper to really wake him up.  He took about 3 ounces and was out again.  and then again at 1:30...had to wake him to eat.  Well, during his 10oclock feeding I kissed his forehead and when I did, he felt colder than usual.  I checked his temp and it was lower than his baseline.  I had gotten a little freaked out thinking something with the oxygen change, or maybe he was coming down with something...LONG story short...called pediatrician and they said call pulmonologist and it took a little over a hour to call me back.  By the time they called me back they suggested I put warmer clothes on him (I'd already done that) and to put the oxygen back on him (I'd already done that too) and to monitor him for a hour and if he didn't "spunk" back up then to call the pediatrician to be assessed or go to ER.  So a little before 3, I called pediatrician and they told me to take him to the ER.  The things that scared me was 1. low temp 2.  having to be woke up to be fed 3. not staying awake through feedings 4. not eating the normal amounts.  So ER we went.  We were called back to be assessed, well the nurse (I feel old because she looked 12) started to ask how old Hudson was, she saw the oxygen tank and said Oh I need to get you to a room to be assessed and get his vitals.  We were there for 6 hours!  He had blood work, urine test, rsv swab, breathing treatment, xray...Everything came back that he was okay.  His oxygen sats the whole night were great...100%.  About 7:30, after being poked and poked and naked...Hudson started fussing for food.  POSITIVE SIGN, he'd not done that since this morning.  So I fed him...and he was awake through the whole feeding! Went home a little while later...

Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Today...Hudson has been his normal self!  Saw the pediatrician on Thursday and she said Hudson was probably just exhausted from getting used to the oxygen change and the travel.  Felt silly for taking him to the ER after that explanation, but better to be safe than sorry!  Hudson's been off oxygen during waking hours too...and is doing great!

He has his 4 month check up and shots on Friday!  I'm guessing he will be 10 lbs or pretty darn close!

Loves & Hugs!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

6am feeding

Hudson had been sleeping fairly well through the night the last few nights.  He gets up once maybe twice ...but compared to the 4 and 5 times it is a step in the right direction.

We spent the day at Riley yesterday ...check up appts on his lungs and eyes.  Both appts went great!  Eyes are healing as expected and we go back in a few weeks for another exam.  His lungs are stronger!  He gets to be off oxygen and his monitor while he is awake!  Still have to have it for sleeping (longer than 20 minutes) and for car rides.  But it is a step forward!  He goes back in a month to be assessed and then a sleep study will be scheduled to see it he can come off oxygen totally.  Hudson was so good for his appts , he loves to play like he's asleep and when Ben or I start talking about him he smiles and opens his eyes a little.  He showed off his neck muscles and his lungs for the lung np...she had him on his belly and was asking us if he raised his head at all an before she could finish her question he raised himself up and turned and looked at her. 

Hudson has continued to roll over when he is doing belly time.  Either that or yea falls asleep during it. 

Colt is still adjusting ...he thinks all toys and blankets are his and he will now snuggle right next to Hudson so he is closer to Ben or I. 

Enjoy some pictures from this past week.

Thank you for your continued prayers, thoughts and words of encouragement!  God is awesome!!

Belly Time

Hudson loves belly time...some he wore himself out!  He has rolled over 4 times now, belly to back! 

Monday, January 7, 2013

And some pictures:)

"I'm so mad!!!  I don't want our season to be over yet!" - Hudson
"I know what you are thinking...I do look like a future president!" - Hudson
"The flash!  Turn it off, I'm having my alone time right now!" - Hudson
Example...both kids in my's almost like having twins:)  haha!
"Why do I feel like Colt is going to jump on Grandma?" 

"It's my party and I'll cry if I want to!!!" - Hudson

Thankfulness Day #7

I figured now was good as time as any to update the blog.  I just finished working and realize Ben has on the BCS game...and Hudson is asleep!

Ben went back to work today.  Hudson and I love him dearly...but not sure how many more days we could spend 24/7:)  Since Ben is back to work, the new night schedule is...Sunday thru Thursday I get up with Hudson and Ben has the weekend nights.  I'll admit, I look like death warmed up since we've been home from the hospital with lack of sleep.  Hudson dearly loves nights.  The last few nights he's only gotten up once or twice.  We had a rare night Friday night and he slept through the night!  PEPSI is my lifeline!

Colt is very much jealous!  If you are holding Hudson, he is in your lap too!  He loves to swipe Hudson's toys when he thinks I'm not looking.  Ben's family came over the other night and Colt was in heaven because he had someones attention all night!

Sidenote:  Perfect Strangers...There are people that keep up with Hudson through this blog that I've never met.  Yet, these people that do not know us either have been so generous with their pay it forward actions.  We've received cards, notes of encouragement, gift cards...I hope some day I do get to meet you!  Thank you for blessing our family. much as I hate having a routine...I feel like in the long run it will be best with Hudson.  His current routine isn't really working for me.

Hudson's scar.  He had taken his last dose of medicine on the 1st...well last night it started bleeding from the two spots again.  And has continued today.  Even though we are going to see the surgeon on Wednesday for the post op visit, I called to see if he should be seen sooner.  They had me take pictures and send it to them.  They weren't concerned and we are still set for Wednesday.

Toys, clothes and diapers...oh my!  ...Hudson has been very blessed with friends and family giving him such cute clothes, fun toys and the necessities...diapers, baby oil gel (not to be confused with baby orajel:))  Thank you so much!  I do believe I've found the toy that works on him...his new swing.  It plays music and vibrates!  He sat in his swing several times today, wide awake:)  I was able to get some laundry done, emails checked and responded to...Andrea did tell me it would be my saving grace!

Eye Appt...we had his first outpatient visit on the 4th.  We saw a new doctor, but she went over her notes with the doctor we've been seeing before we left.  They were happy with his eyes.  We don't go back until the 15th now:)

Other appts...Got a letter in the mail today from the pulmonologist today discussing what would happen when we go to that appointment.  WOW!  They said, plan to spend several hours with us.  I laughed because we planned our next eye appointment for a few hours after this appointment.  So I should probably back up the eye appointment now.

Hudson is an eat bro!  He cannot get enough to eat.  He came home eating 3 to 4 ounces and now eats 5 to 6.

Til next time...snuggles and lots of love from all of us:)

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Strike a pose...

"Raise the roof!" - Hudson

"Why does he get all the cool toys?" - Colt

"I wonder if Mommy will notice.  Heehee!" - Hudson

"Finally I get some Mommy time!" - Colt

"I wonder when the shift change happens?" - Hudson

"Just got my first bath, peed on Mommy and then she did this to my hair!" - Hudson

"This is what I do, that way I can stay up and party!" - Hudson

"Why? why? why? He's so loud!" - Colt

"Thank goodness my bodyguard is protecting me!" - Hudson

"Another doctor?" - Hudson

"Colt, I'll hold my head up when I'm good and ready!" - Hudson

"Belly time did me in!" - Hudson

"Belly time with Daddy!" - Hudson

"I don't know what you are talking about..." - Hudson

"That kid wears me out!" - Colt

"Daddy!!! Take Mommy's camera away!" - Hudson

New Year...New Routine

I have to laugh.  Monday we took Hudson to the pediatrician.  We really like her, she knew Hudson quite well.  She had read her "Hudson Manual" that she got from Riley.  She was concerned he'd gained too much weight in the matter of a few days so she told us to feed him less and more often.  We go back next week to see her again.  As far as Riley, we make our first trip back this Friday for his eye appointment.

Hudson weighed in at 8lbs 11oz.

Hudson enjoys his snuggle time.  A LOT!  He likes to sleep during the day and be awake at night.  He did good with his play mat today, he was screaming until Colt went and sat next to him.  He just wants attention and to be held.  Slowly but surely we are working on getting him on our schedule.  He had 2 naps today, so hopefully he'll sleep through most of the night.  Today we had to go for a ride in the car to get Hudson to settle down.

Smiles...they are becoming more common.  He thinks he's a funny boy and gives me a big grin...I've yet to catch a good one with my day!

Oxygen...the cord LOVES to trip me!  And Hudson loves to yank on it and then scream because the sticky things on his cheeks...and never fails he usually has one nose prong out of his nose.

Monitor...LOUD!  Every time Hudson has a diaper change or wants picked up...he screams and his heart rate goes up and his monitor goes off.  Although I do enjoy his ANGELCARE monitor, it has video so I can watch him sleep.  He's all snuggled up in his halo and he wiggles in his sleep, love it!

Sleep...Ben and I are adjusting to less hours.  Hudson loves to sleep on mine or Ben's chest.

Pictures...I don't take as many pictures lately because usually my phone is no where near me when he's doing something picture worthy.  But what pictures we do capture I'll try my best to make sure I upload them to the blog.

Blog...honestly I forget.  I don't have that down time before bed like I did at Ron's House.  Here at Hudson's House, no real down time.

Love...our love tanks are so full and we couldn't be more thankful to all of you!!!  Your love, encouragement, prayers for Hudson and us is overwhelming.

Colt...verdict is still out.  At night, when Hudson cries he does too.  And during the day, Colt loves to lick or smell Hudson while he eats.  And then when Hudson is crying while Ben or I are holding Hudson...Colt gives us this glare.  Not sure if he's telling us to be nice to his brother or to shut his brother up.  Either way, it's priceless.  Oh and Hudson's toys look like really cool Colt toys.  Colt knows they aren't his, but he tries and sneaks them.  He even took the monkey away from Hudson today.  Oh the boys...

Happy New Year to you and your family!!!!  We wish you lots of love, laughter and enjoyment for 2013!