Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Year...New Routine

I have to laugh.  Monday we took Hudson to the pediatrician.  We really like her, she knew Hudson quite well.  She had read her "Hudson Manual" that she got from Riley.  She was concerned he'd gained too much weight in the matter of a few days so she told us to feed him less and more often.  We go back next week to see her again.  As far as Riley, we make our first trip back this Friday for his eye appointment.

Hudson weighed in at 8lbs 11oz.

Hudson enjoys his snuggle time.  A LOT!  He likes to sleep during the day and be awake at night.  He did good with his play mat today, he was screaming until Colt went and sat next to him.  He just wants attention and to be held.  Slowly but surely we are working on getting him on our schedule.  He had 2 naps today, so hopefully he'll sleep through most of the night.  Today we had to go for a ride in the car to get Hudson to settle down.

Smiles...they are becoming more common.  He thinks he's a funny boy and gives me a big grin...I've yet to catch a good one with my day!

Oxygen...the cord LOVES to trip me!  And Hudson loves to yank on it and then scream because the sticky things on his cheeks...and never fails he usually has one nose prong out of his nose.

Monitor...LOUD!  Every time Hudson has a diaper change or wants picked up...he screams and his heart rate goes up and his monitor goes off.  Although I do enjoy his ANGELCARE monitor, it has video so I can watch him sleep.  He's all snuggled up in his halo and he wiggles in his sleep, love it!

Sleep...Ben and I are adjusting to less hours.  Hudson loves to sleep on mine or Ben's chest.

Pictures...I don't take as many pictures lately because usually my phone is no where near me when he's doing something picture worthy.  But what pictures we do capture I'll try my best to make sure I upload them to the blog.

Blog...honestly I forget.  I don't have that down time before bed like I did at Ron's House.  Here at Hudson's House, no real down time.

Love...our love tanks are so full and we couldn't be more thankful to all of you!!!  Your love, encouragement, prayers for Hudson and us is overwhelming.

Colt...verdict is still out.  At night, when Hudson cries he does too.  And during the day, Colt loves to lick or smell Hudson while he eats.  And then when Hudson is crying while Ben or I are holding Hudson...Colt gives us this glare.  Not sure if he's telling us to be nice to his brother or to shut his brother up.  Either way, it's priceless.  Oh and Hudson's toys look like really cool Colt toys.  Colt knows they aren't his, but he tries and sneaks them.  He even took the monkey away from Hudson today.  Oh the boys...

Happy New Year to you and your family!!!!  We wish you lots of love, laughter and enjoyment for 2013!


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