Monday, January 7, 2013

Thankfulness Day #7

I figured now was good as time as any to update the blog.  I just finished working and realize Ben has on the BCS game...and Hudson is asleep!

Ben went back to work today.  Hudson and I love him dearly...but not sure how many more days we could spend 24/7:)  Since Ben is back to work, the new night schedule is...Sunday thru Thursday I get up with Hudson and Ben has the weekend nights.  I'll admit, I look like death warmed up since we've been home from the hospital with lack of sleep.  Hudson dearly loves nights.  The last few nights he's only gotten up once or twice.  We had a rare night Friday night and he slept through the night!  PEPSI is my lifeline!

Colt is very much jealous!  If you are holding Hudson, he is in your lap too!  He loves to swipe Hudson's toys when he thinks I'm not looking.  Ben's family came over the other night and Colt was in heaven because he had someones attention all night!

Sidenote:  Perfect Strangers...There are people that keep up with Hudson through this blog that I've never met.  Yet, these people that do not know us either have been so generous with their pay it forward actions.  We've received cards, notes of encouragement, gift cards...I hope some day I do get to meet you!  Thank you for blessing our family. much as I hate having a routine...I feel like in the long run it will be best with Hudson.  His current routine isn't really working for me.

Hudson's scar.  He had taken his last dose of medicine on the 1st...well last night it started bleeding from the two spots again.  And has continued today.  Even though we are going to see the surgeon on Wednesday for the post op visit, I called to see if he should be seen sooner.  They had me take pictures and send it to them.  They weren't concerned and we are still set for Wednesday.

Toys, clothes and diapers...oh my!  ...Hudson has been very blessed with friends and family giving him such cute clothes, fun toys and the necessities...diapers, baby oil gel (not to be confused with baby orajel:))  Thank you so much!  I do believe I've found the toy that works on him...his new swing.  It plays music and vibrates!  He sat in his swing several times today, wide awake:)  I was able to get some laundry done, emails checked and responded to...Andrea did tell me it would be my saving grace!

Eye Appt...we had his first outpatient visit on the 4th.  We saw a new doctor, but she went over her notes with the doctor we've been seeing before we left.  They were happy with his eyes.  We don't go back until the 15th now:)

Other appts...Got a letter in the mail today from the pulmonologist today discussing what would happen when we go to that appointment.  WOW!  They said, plan to spend several hours with us.  I laughed because we planned our next eye appointment for a few hours after this appointment.  So I should probably back up the eye appointment now.

Hudson is an eat bro!  He cannot get enough to eat.  He came home eating 3 to 4 ounces and now eats 5 to 6.

Til next time...snuggles and lots of love from all of us:)

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