Wednesday, January 16, 2013

6am feeding

Hudson had been sleeping fairly well through the night the last few nights.  He gets up once maybe twice ...but compared to the 4 and 5 times it is a step in the right direction.

We spent the day at Riley yesterday ...check up appts on his lungs and eyes.  Both appts went great!  Eyes are healing as expected and we go back in a few weeks for another exam.  His lungs are stronger!  He gets to be off oxygen and his monitor while he is awake!  Still have to have it for sleeping (longer than 20 minutes) and for car rides.  But it is a step forward!  He goes back in a month to be assessed and then a sleep study will be scheduled to see it he can come off oxygen totally.  Hudson was so good for his appts , he loves to play like he's asleep and when Ben or I start talking about him he smiles and opens his eyes a little.  He showed off his neck muscles and his lungs for the lung np...she had him on his belly and was asking us if he raised his head at all an before she could finish her question he raised himself up and turned and looked at her. 

Hudson has continued to roll over when he is doing belly time.  Either that or yea falls asleep during it. 

Colt is still adjusting ...he thinks all toys and blankets are his and he will now snuggle right next to Hudson so he is closer to Ben or I. 

Enjoy some pictures from this past week.

Thank you for your continued prayers, thoughts and words of encouragement!  God is awesome!!

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