Sunday, September 30, 2012

Are you sitting down?

One thing I can always count on from Hudson is his ability to lay low and then make something big happen!  Remember, we are all on his time now.  He tells the medical staff when he needs more oxygen, more medicine, a new diaper, etc.  Anyways, we walk in to see him today and the nurse was so proud of him that he had his first stool.  Ben and I were so excited, then we learned he'd pooped in his diaper...which the surgeon had told us that having a poopy diaper was likely to happen and was a good thing.  The  nurse saved it for us to look at:)  We are so proud!

The excitement kind of died down, but then Hudson surprised us with more poo.  This time from his stoma!!!  This was what we've been praying for!!!!  It was hilarious:)  Hudson didn't have a bag on it yet, because the surgeon wanted his incision to heal up before they put a bag on...because of that Hudson had access to it!  He was a mess, he'd stuck his foot in the diaper that she'd started to clean him up with and then he stuck his hand in it and had it on his leg, ear, etc.  Ben and I were cracking up because who knew we'd get so excited with his first poop!  

I'm not like Ben and cannot recite the data driven numbers, but his numbers have been good.  He doesn't have another blood gas until 4am with his other labs:)  This makes Mama and Papa very happy!  It's so hard seeing him get stuck time and time again.  He got rid of his foot iv and his right arm iv.  He now just has the tubes in his mouth and his pic line.  

Hudson's color looks amazing today!  They took the light off of him for a bit so we could check out his lil face and he opened his eyes at us every now and then.  We talk to him daily and tell him about all the people out there that are praying for him, so excited to meet him, love him, etc.

Today's weight was 2 lbs 10 oz.  So hopefully soon...he can start getting breast milk and begin gaining good weight!!!  

Ben and I cannot thank you enough for everything!!!  Prayers, positive energy, love, thoughts and the list goes on and on...we love you all so much!

Enjoy some pictures from our Sunday with our handsome lil guy:)

Loving on Hudson:)

Trying to catch him with his eyes open, was like trying to find a needle in the haystack.  This was the best picture of him looking at us.

All cleaned up after his first poo from his stoma.  He's sporting his newest accessory...his bag!
BELLY TIME!!!!  And a closer view of his bag...don't worry there is nothing in it, yet!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Overall today was a pretty good day.  The surgeon stopped by and is pleased with how his stoma (the area where his intestine is attached to the surface of his skin) looks along with the incision is healing.  We are still waiting for Hudson to push out a green, mucus like substance - aka his stool.  He weighed 2 pounds and 15 ounces today, however he still has fluid on his body from the surgery and swelling so that is not a true weight. 

The doctors continue to do blood gases and overall his numbers were better today.  To be more specific his PH stayed within the 7.2 area, Carbon Dioxide was high ranging from 62 - 75 and his acid level was much better going anywhere from a 0 to a -1.  They started him at 80% oxygen today and they weened him down to about 40% then back up again to 50% oxygen.  It's a constant battle of adjusting to what he needs. 

They ordered another chest X-ray tonight, he gets one daily already, to double check his lungs.  They still have fluid and still are hazy due to PIE. 

Hudson has definitely made it difficult on the nurses and respiratory therapists that are assigned to him.  Depending how he is positioned will determine how his oxygen level is.  Ideally they want it between 91-96.  He was on his belly and would range from 86 - 90.  They did everything they could to keep him there and raise his oxygen levels, well the little guy wanted to lay on his back and his levels instantly went up.  I guess we all have our favorite sleeping positions, why would he be any different. 

To give you an example of a ventilator adjustment they went from 360 breaths a minute to 300 breaths a minute of the JET ventilator.  I haven't quite figured out the logic behind it but I'm working on it.  There are so many components to the JET that I don't know if I can fully understand it before I go back and teach high school math again.  I do know that PIP refers to pressure he is getting from the machine.  This is similar to the pressure of the air at higher altitudes versus at sea level.  It's different and different pressures affect the lungs differently. 

"I'm in my favorite position today, with my diaper that is too big for me." - Hudson
Breakfast was great this morning at the Ronald McDonald house, Monkey Bread, fresh fruit, egg casserole thing with bacon and cheese, glasses of milk and orange juice.  Friday evenings meal consisted of Taco Salad, can we say YUMMY!!!  We are so thankful for the groups and people that take time out of their schedules to cook for us.  It is greatly appreciated. 

"Just can't get comfortable." - Hudson
"I can be a replacement referee. TOUCHDOWN!!" - Hudson
"I'm trying Mommy, I really am. My eyes won't open yet, but i'm trying my bestest." - Hudson

Friday, September 28, 2012

9 Days Old

Yesterday there wasn't much to talk about and we fell asleep early on accident.  Today on the other hand has been eventful.  Hudson has had issues with his acidosis or acidity in the blood since his surgery.  It should be around a 0 and he has been anywhere from -10 to -5.  They thought with more fluids and a strong urine output, he would fix this himself.  He hasn't and they are still concerned.  So they are adjusting some things to help him get rid of it.

They did a chest X-ray this morning and found fluid in his lungs.  They decreased the amount of fluid he was receiving through an IV and increased some of his vent settings, did another X-ray and the fluid was GONE!!  However, the PIE was back.  Time to re-adjust the vent settings yet again.  His blood gas numbers indicate he is having trouble getting rid of the CO2 and thus his overall PH level is low.  "Adjust those vent settings doc!!!"  It's a game of what is Hudson going to do and how are we going to react to it.  They are also doing a blood culture and thinking it may be an infection of some kind.  The antibiotics he is on are general in nature.  If he is found to have an infection, they will treat it with a more specific type of antibiotic.  We are waiting on those results.   

Overall his swelling is much better as he is doing a great job of urinating it out (this is awesome!).  There is one spot on his head that is still holding extra fluid, which is expected due to the way he is positioned and will eventually go away.  Sticking with his head, they did another brain ultrasound and found 0 bleeding on the brain or IVH!!! Yay!!  They do not expect to see any bleeding on the brain and if they do it will be a rare case. 
He is starting to move more which is a sign he is doing better overall, however this is bad because he will want to start fighting the vent - that is bad.  To help him, they will sedate him so his lungs are working with the JET ventilator instead of against it. 

He is still being fed through an IV and has not had his first official stool yet.  Still waiting on that to occur as well.  His overall color looks good.  Enjoy the pictures.

"Don't stick that thing in my armpit again Mommy! Some other people do it every 4 hours." - Hudson

"Mom is changing my diaper and I am going to wet on her again!!" - Hudson
"How cool do I look with my shades on and my tongue sticking out. Laid back & relaxing is what I love doing these days." - Hudson

"I love belly time!!" - Hudson

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

1 week old

Hudson continues to amaze the doctors due to his stability and lack of roller coaster changes.  This is a good sign.  His blood gases remain consistent with the acidity high, however the PH level is right where they want it and that is the overall picture while the acid level is a piece of it. 

We spoke to Doctor Allen, the head of the NICU, this evening and she was pleased with his progress.  It's slow going but slow going is good.  They do not want anything to happen fast.  She said how Hudson has lost weight since yesterday.  We asked her if that's bad and she said no because he is getting rid of the excess fluids in his body from the swelling as a result of the surgery.  We like Dr. Allen, she is very down to earth and great at what she does.

Enjoy some pictures from today, mainly of Kim doing hands-on care. She's great at it, Hudson even peed on her while she changed his diaper.

Kim checking his temperature
Changing his diaper
Kim is adjusting his oxygen monitor on his hand
Making sure he got a good facial massage while his "glasses" were off. She's such a good mommy!!
This is what I dream about when I sleep.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

6 Days Old

Not much to update anyone on today, his levels were continuously monitored and adjusted.  His levels went back to his first days in the NICU.  He did not get worse today, instead he either stayed the same or got better.  He did get a platelet transfusion due to some issues with clotting but that was resolved.  Overall, an uneventful day. 

His new hat!!!

Hat and matching socks!! Although the socks don't stay on long, he's a kicker. :-)

Monday, September 24, 2012


To say the time Hudson was away in surgery was nerve wracking is an understatement.  We knew going into any surgery it was going to be hard on him due to his underdevelopment.  He received a pick line earlier today that was his first successful operation of the day.  The 2nd one was more invasive.  We were told the surgery would start around noon today, then it got pushed back to closer to 3:30 pm.  Kim and I ate lunch then back to the waiting room.  The surgeons did not get started until 4 pm.  When it was all said and done, it was 5:30 pm.  Hudson now has a pick line in his left arm, an IV in his right foot, an IV in his right arm and a failed attempt at an IV in his left foot along with two tubes down his throat (one for breathing and one for suction).  I forgot about the heart monitor stuff too!  Poor guy. 

The surgery was successful and I will attempt to explain everything they did.  First, they gave him a bath in sanitizing beta-something.  Then he got put on anesthesia and the surgeons removed his umbilical vein central line.  Next, they removed his drain and increased his incision from his lower right stomach to underneath the belly button.  Once they did that they were able to examine his whole intestine.  At first, they could not find a hole.  So they created a hole in the intestine and flushed saline solution both ways (up and down) to see if any leakage occurred. This reminded me of how I found the 7 or 8 water line breaks in my house a few years ago, turn on the water and watch for leaking water. 

They found the hole (it was hidden) and removed that section of intestine.  They were able to attach the upper part of the intestine to the surface of his skin and create an ostomy (a place for a bag to collect his stools).  This will prove whether his intestines work or not.  His first stool might happen in 3 to 4 days, so its still a waiting game!! 

The surgeon was pleased with how everything went today and overall it appears to be an isolated event with no further damage to his intestine, only time will tell. Hudson did get more blood today, his 3rd transfusion in less than a week, and might have gotten too much because he is a bit red.  See the picture below. 

I asked the doctor how his blood pressure, oxygen levels, etc went and he said very well.  Hudson's first blood gas after surgery had some high numbers associated with it, PH - can't remember, CO2 was 78, acid level -10.  They adjusted some vent settings and his next blood gas an hour later was: PH - 7.25, CO2 - 47 & acid level: -7.  This was to be expected and he is already showing improvement.  Hopefully he'll do well on his next gas this evening. 
After he gets to be at least 2 kilograms (about 4.5 pounds for the non-metric people), they will do a test to see if he has any intestinal disease (the doctor didn't think so but needs to rule it out).  Once Hudson grows to be 3-5 kilograms (about 6.5 pounds to 11 pounds) they will go back in and re-attach the intestines together.  This will be part 2 of his surgery.
Kim and I are exhausted but our nurse Donna was fabulous today!!  She calmed out nerves, was patient and was Hudson's advocate all day!!  Time for some much needed rest for all, Hudson included.  Thanks again for all of your prayers, thoughts and words of encouragement!!

Hudson's pick line in his left arm
His foot IV


As I write this Hudson is back in surgery to fix his stomach issues.  His IV in his right arm was leaking so they took that out today.  He did get a new IV in his foot and they added a PIC line in his left arm for a more permanent line to get fed and everything else the doctors need.  His umbilical vein line will be gone too. 

Kim's holding Hudson!!!

Holding Mommy's hand

His labs were great again today and now the adventure begins again. 

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sunday - A day of rest

Hudson has continued to show positive signs that he is improving, for example his numbers today from two gasses were: PH: 7.21 & 7.28; CO2: 47 & 51; Acid Level: 0 & -2.  These are all awesome!!!

The staff has been pumping Hudson with extra Oxygen and even a blood transfusion today to get him primed for surgery tomorrow. One question I have learned to ask is what if we wait, what are the consequences/benefits of doing it now vs. waiting a few days?  The reason they want to do it tomorrow is the sooner they fix the intestine, the sooner he can get breast milk instead of an IV full of stuff.  The surgeon also said the sooner they can do the surgery the less scar tissue will form and easier it will be on both Hudson and the surgeons.  Kim and I agreed to it via a phone call this morning and tomorrow is the big day!! 

It will be a rough go for him for the next week or so due in part to under-developed everything and a sick or weak immune system.  The past few days he has been a boring patient, but tomorrow that will no longer be the case.  Here's to hoping for a fast and healthy recovery.  The sooner he can get Kim's milk the sooner he will be tasting what the nurses call .... liquid gold!!!!

Hudson wants to suck his thumb but can't due to breathing tube and stomach suction tube.

Mommy......No More Pictures!!!

Hudson had a full weekend of family visitors and he enjoyed them all - he told me.  Thanks to all who have helped us out the past several weeks, it is greatly appreciated!!!  Thanks for the continued thoughts and prayers.

Holding Mommy's pinky finger.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

3 days old!

Hudson is quite the little guy.....  The NICU team has done a great job of working and tweaking the machines to get the numbers Hudson should be having.  To be more specific on the numbers, I will try to explain and hope I don't get it too wrong, I am only a math teacher. :-)  Here are the most recent results from his 6 pm blood gasses (they draw blood from his heel for this, sometimes every 2 hours and sometimes farther apart, the better his numbers the farther apart the gasses)

PH level #: Ideally they want this to be in the 7.2 realm and Hudson today has produced a 7.23 at 6 pm! Winning!!

Carbon Dioxide output: In a perfect world the doctors want this to be at 40 but in premies it is good to be at 50.  Hudson's number.....50!! Winning!!!

Acidic level of his blood: In an ideal world this is at a 0.  Hudson has been as high as -10, today he performed at a -3!!!  Yesterday it was consistently around -6. 

All of this is a great sign that he is getting better!!!  The plan is still to have surgery on Monday because his numbers are solidly improving.  I understand that and after all, its all about the numbers and constantly adjusting what you do based on those numbers.  This is what I can call......DATA DRIVEN!!!!!  If you are a teacher you will appreciate that. :-) They are testing him often and going back to improve the weak areas instantly. 

He still has a partial collapsed right lung but over time it will re-inflate.  They can't do too much right now due to his size and everything else that is going on.

Another positive note...Kim and I got to do hands-on care.  This allowed us to take his temperature, change his diaper and move his oxygen monitor and blood pressure cuff from one foot to the other.  It was the first time we got to do this and loved it!!!

2 Days Old! (9-21-12)

Today was a day that Kim and I thought we would never get a chance to see Hudson.  The night before was our last night in the hospital and we had no idea where we were going to stay Friday night, we had 3 options.  Option 1: Get a room at Ronald McDonald's House (with a waiting list and the amount of people requesting to stay, it might be awhile), Option 2: Do what is called, In-Room at the hosptial - this entailed us officially discharging however we could stay in our room with no services provided at no additional cost and 2 meals provided they had the beds available and did not need them, however at any point in time they could come to us and say get out we need the bed, which is understandable and Option 3: Stay with Sara - Kim's sister who lives about 20 minutes away from Hudson.  We did not find out where we were staying until the afternoon and it was in fact Option 1!!!  We felt very fortunate.  More to come on this later.

The morning consisted of the usual doctor visits and nurse check-ups.  We met with a social worker because I wanted to be proactive to discuss any financial questions I had and come to find out, I went to DePauw with both her and her husband  Small world and she remembered me [I wonder why... :-)]  Any way, she did a great job of answering all of inquiries and was pretty awesome.  As soon as she left the pharmacy came up and said that we can put our prescriptions in then pick them up later, so we went ahead with that.  As soon as she left the lactation consultant arrived to check on us and I mentioned to her that I would like to shop from her "store".  I ended up buying a pump, a hands free hold the pumping things for Kim so she doesn't have to hold them every time and a new nursing bra for Kim because she only had one to use.  All in all, a good shopping trip and they saved us some money!!!

Then we ate lunch quickly but still had to see the nurses to get officially discharged, meet the birthing records person who did not come the day before which made me a little bit fussy to be honest.  After all of that, which takes some time and some preliminary packing it was now around 2 pm and we still hadn't seen our son!!  All of this adult stuff is tiring.  We called over to check how he was doing a couple of times and the nurse would not be too specific on some of the tests he had done earlier such as a brain ultrasound and chest X-Ray.  She said we needed to talk to the doctor.

When we got to Riley the doctor immediately came to talk to us and he had good news to share.  Hudson did not have IVH or bleeding on the brain which premie babies typically do.  They will do another scan when he is 10 days old to confirm but this could be a major win for Team Hudson!  His lungs are continually improving, slowly.  This is another good sign and his blood gasses are getting closer and closer to what they want.  They shared some numbers with us and they were pretty bad the first 12 hours he was born.  We were also informed the exploratory surgery that they wanted to do on Wednesday night is now scheduled for Monday because of his improvement with his lungs and blood gasses.  When Monday.....they don't know because the OR team has to come to him, which means they need a significant amount of time to relocate all of their stuff to the NICU, perform surgery and move it back. 

After the doctor left, a family support person talked us then a research assisant talked to us about including Hudson in a couple of clinical studies.  Kim talked to her while I visted with my Grandma Murray and Aunt Cheryl that had stopped by to see him. 

We needed to be back to University Hospital by 4 to officially get discharged and pack the car.  I took 3 trips to the car with stuff, while Kim got a shot.  Then we headed to Ronald McDonald's house.  We checked in and were overwhelmed with how awesome this place is!  We have our own room with a sink and share a bathroom with another room.  There is a comunity kitchen that everyone can use.  Some other awesome things that occured are a family came in to cook the entire house dinner and watch Lorax.  The dinner was awesome, home cooked mashed potatos, corn, rolls, mac & cheese, green beans and ham along with chicken and grilled hot dogs!!!  They family also brought in quarters for people to get a soda from the pop machine here, yes it is only $0.25.  Save you pop tabs and give them to Ronald's house, it helps support all of the wonderful stuff going on here!  We also had a Kiwanis group provide breakfast this morning.  Yummy, it makes it a lot easier on us. 

We are a couple of blocks away from Hudson and can walk there.  We had a great day yesterday and as the doctor told us he was very pleased with is progress so far!!  That a kid, keep on keeping on!!  He held my pinky for at least 30 minutes last night, very precious.  It's moments like this that I just want to take him out of the incubator and hold him, but we can't.  This is hard on us but we know it is what is best for Hudson right now. 

If you wish to send mail to us:

Ronald McDonald House
Attn: Ben and Kim Murray, Room 17
435 Limestone Street
Indianapolis, IN 46202-2819

Here's to another good day!!

Friday, September 21, 2012

9-21-12 short ...will update more after sleep

We walked into Mod 1 tonight and saw the door was decorated ...Hudson and his roomies;)  it was too cute we had to share.  Hudson's nurses and all nicu team have been amazing...each person we talk to is so gentle and positive.

 I'm wearing Hudson's favorite shirt!
He had just had his blood drawn...on his left foot so he got an IU Red bandage:)  Daddy wasn't pleased...but the nurse is not a PU fan so he had a good time teasing Ben!
 His nurse last night spoiled him, making sure he was as comfortable as possible.  You might notice that he's wearing a bigger diaper now, he kept peeing out of his diaper so they couldn't get an accurate measurement on his output.

Holding Mommy's finger

Quick Update

His lungs are improving, they were able to dial down some of the settings.  He's on 25% oxygen.  They were able to give him more nutrients through an iv, they call it the triple pack.  His weight 9-20-12 was 2 pounds 8.5 ounces.  The first picture was right when we told him goodnight, he smiled at us as we said it.  That was absolutely awesome!!!  The 2nd picture was him during the day. 

Thursday, September 20, 2012

9- 20-12 continued


Mini Ben and Ben...aka Hudson and Daddy ;)


Hudson did well overnight after switching over to a new ventilator (one that has more gadgets and gizmos than the previous one - he's a needy little guy).  His oxygen levels and carbon dioxide output are much better!! He received his 4th round of cerfactin which helps the lungs expand (this is usually created on his own after 48 hours).  He will not be getting any more because studies show nothing good comes by doing more round of it plus he should start creating it on his own. 

The surgeon said he is doing well based on his surgery last night.  He has his "sunglasses on" because he is getting treated for jaundice.  He doesn't have it yet but according to his blood work he is likely to get it so they are being proactive.  They did tell us they know what is going on with him before he does!! I like that a lot!! 

He had an stomach ultrasound this morning and we are awaiting the results.  He is also due to have more blood work done at 3 to check his gas levels in his blood.  At 6 pm tonight will be another chest X-ray.  This will be his 4th chest X-ray to look at the lungs and see how they are doing with what is called PIE's.  From my limited knowledge that is when the air sacs burst and now the air is outside the sacs on his lungs.  They were not good yesterday but this morning at 6 am they showed improvement.

All in all, the theme of the day is he is stable and improving.  They are going to do an ultrasound on the brain tomorrow to check for any bleeding that may be on the brain.  Let's hope there isn't any. 

Here is a picture of him today. :-) 

He is just like me too, he squirms when his feet are touched and his arm pits were sweating.  I hope Kim will be able to handle two of us! :-)  

Hudson Arrives!!!!

The last 24 hours have been a whirlwind of emotions.  Kim went into labor and was moved from the post-partum unit to the OBICU at 11:45 am.  I got the call just as 3rd hour started at 11:30 am to get here fast.  So I ran out of the building to head that way.  At 12:29 pm Hudson Emmett Murray was born weighing in at 2 pounds and 4 ounces.  We do not have an official length on him yet.  We estimate around 13-15 inches.  He made it to 27 weeks and decided he couldn't wait any longer and entered our world, the same day as Ben's mom's birthday!!  Talk about a great birthday present!!!

I did miss the delivery but arrived in time to see him before the rushed him over to Riley.  Initially he did not need a breathing tube however he got worse and they put him on a ventilator at Riley.  Due to his stomach issue the doctors decided that he needed to have surgery to repair a torn intestine that was leaking into his stomach and causing stuff to be in places it shouldn't be.  So, they started that at 9:30 pm, 9 hours old and already having surgery.  The pediatric surgeons and neonatoligist came out about 20 minutes later and said they have a change in plan. 

Hudson's lungs are not doing well and he is not strong enough for major surgery.  So they are refocusing on improving his lungs and simply put a drain in his belly and rinsed out the inside to temporarily relieve any pressure and drain what needs drained.  The doctors did find baby poop in his belly and took that out.  He is doing well and we are about to go over and see him soon.

Hudson is hooked up to several monitors including: an oxygen monitor, blood pressure monitor, heart monitor, feeding tube, breathing tube, umbilical cord catheter in the vein and now a drain in his stomach.  All of that for a 2 pound baby. 

One note, when they did surgery on his last night on him the OR team came to him in the NICU.  It was an army walking in with all of the equipment, very overwhelming and information overload.

We will update the blog again later but enjoy some pictures of him. 

Monday, September 17, 2012


Happy Monday!

There was a team...literally!  Dr. Schnee (hospitalist), Dr. Schubert (specialist), Dr. Mayor (resident), and then 4 others...that invaded my room this morning:)

Anyways, they said everything was looking good.  My monitoring strip overnight and this morning looked really good, no signs of contractions.  Baby is still small so monitoring is difficult but they were happy with the strips they got.  Dr. Schubert then piped up and said our plan is to keep you here for several more weeks before we talk about letting you go home.  He said if there is no change in cervix or your symptoms then you could go home and be comfortable until you deliver.  So I asked the question.  Ok, so does that mean I'd deliver at IU Arnett or here at University Hospital?  He said the plan is still for me to deliver here at University Hospital.  Even though the fluid on Hudson has gone away, he still needs to be assessed and have access to Riley and the surgeons as soon as possible if there is a course of action that needs to be taken.  They told me to take it easy and enjoy my day.

This possibility made mine and Ben's day!  Granted, I still have weeks before anything will be discussed or decided.

Do me a favor and smile at everyone, just because you can!  It makes a world of difference when encountering a smile vs the alternative.

Enjoy your day and pass on the smiles:)

Weekend Happenings in 2748 and beyond.

1.  My shower has really cool sound effects.  I keep waiting for take off!  That's right, it sounds like a jet engine.  Be shower is the coolest!

2.  Did you know there is a "cupcake truck" that parks on iupui's campus?  I've been on an obsession with cupcakes Friday night my parents bring me cookies from JoyAnn's bakery in Richmond and then cupcakes from the grocery.  Needless to say...I'm surprised there are any left, but I rationed so I could have some through the rest of the week.

3.  My sister, Lisa came to see me Friday night:)  She works in the building right next to the hospital I'm in...she told me she was sorry she hadn't been to see me earlier...but she forgets I'm here until after she's already on the interstate headed home.  HELLO!!! How could you forget about me?! KIKI!!!  It's okay, I'll remind her daily where I am now...just so she doesn't forget:)

4.  Ben and I ended up taking 3, yes 3, walks this weekend!!!  It was so nice to get fresh air and just soak in the sun!  I guess I should mention, Ben was doing the walking and in the wheelchair.  He got his exercise.  Thankfully he got me back to my room in one piece every time:)  He enjoyed showing me all of the different places, shortcuts, etc that he's found.  He took be around Riley, that building is massive!  We stalked the building that my sister Lisa works in...ok, it's really hard not to stalk because it is the building right next door on Michigan!  

5.  Friday night I was about to go crazy on the people standing outside my room.  10:30pm and the "guys" had stepped outside so that the Mom could feed the baby.  Loud and obnoxious...seriously...some people are trying to rest!  Thankfully for them I was being monitored so I was unable to get out of bed and say anything.

6.  Benny and I had a date night Saturday!  We rented Cars2 from the redbox downstairs and room service from the cafeteria.  It was probably one of my most memorable dates with Ben.  He was glued to the tv and laughed so hard!  I asked his rating at the end...not as good as Cars and he gave it a 6.  I would have never guessed that score from him.

7.  Friday night...had a room full!  It was a little overwhelming at first.  Both my sisters and my parents and then me and Benny!  And then we had Arni's, cupcakes and was my dream come true!  I'm such an eat sista!

8.  Hudson was his stubborn self this weekend...and made the nurses chase him!  So for two of his monitorings I had to be hooked up for an additional hour for them to get a good solid strip for the doctors.

9.  And of course it was a football weekend in 2748.  Colts pulled off a win...I'll admit I was a bit shocked because they didn't play that well.  My Sunday nurse, knows NOTHING about football and would ask what was going on each time she was in the room.  I was amused...Ben was not.  She was a sweetheart, but clueless about sports!  She said I know what a touchdown is!

10.  Had a few friends stop in over the weekend, it was so good to see familiar faces!

Drum roll please........don't be too jealous!

My Indy skyline night the view is just as spectacular!

That's right...I have a cement wall to look at...thank goodness I still have my sense of humor:)  

Friday, September 14, 2012

Thursday, September 13, 2012

9-13-12 happenings in room 2748

I was moved to the Post Partum unit aka "the ghetto" yesterday morning.  This is my 3rd room in this unit and by far the nicest.  

So one might wonder, what does one do on hospital bed rest? 
Let me give you a sneak peak into my day today:)

Midnight - came off the evening monitoring.
Roughly Midnight to 2am - the baby in the room next to me wasn't happy and cried!
Shortly after 2am - Went to dreamland.
5am - Woke up to have vitals taken, was assessed by the resident and was put on the monitors for 60 minutes. Talked to Ben and Ben got to hear Hudson's heartbeat.
6am - Came off the monitors, drank water and then went back to sleep.
8am - Woke up for another set of vitals, drank water and then went back to sleep.
9:45am - finally woke up to start off my day and drank more water.
10am - Ordered Breakfast: I decided to live dangerously this morning and went with bacon and silver dollar pancakes instead of my usual cereal.
10am-Noon - Did some work and drank water.
Noon - Ordered Lunch:  grilled cheese and fries...I figured that was a pretty safe bet! And started a romantic comedy on Netflix and drank water.  Got mail!  2 cards came in the mail, that's always fun:)  
1pm - Chaplin stopped in to see me and see show I'm coping with being on bed rest.  
1:30pm - Lunch arrives.  Talked to Ben.
1:35pm - Nurses arrive to put me back on the monitors for afternoon monitoring.
2:35pm- Came off afternoon monitoring and ate my lunch!  It was cold, but still good. and drank water.
3pm - Watched ELLEN!!!! and drank water!  Hudson loves Ellen, the whole time I'm watching it he kicks and moves around...I am thinking he is practicing his dance moves so he can be on the show some day.
4pm - Counted the ceiling tiles...there are 24 full tiles and 33 partial tiles. 
4:05pm - Walked to the fridge to get a snack!  I had a snickers bar, that and ice cream are the snacks Hudson craves!  And I drank more water.
4:05pm-7pm - Napped, drank water, visited with my nurses.  The one nurse that is in training is getting married in two months and she stressed with a new job and planning a wedding.  Ordered Dinner:  Taco Salad, it's one of my favorites on the menu!  Talked to Ben.
7pm - Dinner arrives.  and so does my Surprise ICE CREAM delivery!!!!  Sazabeth (my sister) brought me chocolate peanut butter ice cream and stayed for a visit!
8pm - Night nurse came in and took vitals.  Talked to my parents on the phone, even though I talk to them daily they asked why I hadn't updated the blog lately.  So, that and a few other inquiries from friends is what prompted this blog entry:)  

This is a clip from today's afternoon monitoring!

The rest of the night...10pm will go on for evening monitoring and talk to Ben again and drink more water and probably have my vitals taken one more time.

The nurses gave me a goal to drink 4 pitchers of water a day...which one pitcher is 28 ounces of water.  I'm on my 3rd pitcher right now...I'm trying!!!  I have to stay hydrated!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


During my morning monitoring (4:30am) there were several contractions.  The nurses weren't concerned, so I tried not to be concerned.  Easier said than done.  All I kept thinking about was what if I don't feel anything and he comes.  So trying to sleep after that was a bit difficult.  I dozed off and on and I woke up thinking about my cousin Kerry, today he would have been 39 and my Grandpa Jack.  Two peas in a pod!  Anyways, the more I got to thinking about them, I told Kerry that he couldn't have Hudson as a birthday gift.  So Hudson and I will celebrate Kerry today with Ice Cream!!!!  And maybe some cake if someone brings me some...because the cafeteria cake is NO good!

As with any morning routine the doctors all came in to see me this morning (10am) and they had the ultrasound machine with them.  They wanted to check on Hudson's position.  In the last few days the lil stinker has flipped and is now head down!  Which is GREAT news!!!!  I asked about my contractions and Dr. Lee was not concerned.  She said that because I had just emptied my bladder it could have caused the few contractions, but she didn't see anything on my strip that would warrant her to think I was in labor or getting ready for labor.  The ultrasound showed that his lil bottom was just above my belly button, which I had thought was his head a few minutes before that.  Ooops!  I feel him move all the time, but never felt him change positions.  He's still so small though.

Because he is now head down, Dr. Lee is less concerned with delivery at any time.  She said it will be more like a few weeks from now.  We then asked about the likelihood of him flipping back and that is a very real possibility.  For now, we just continue to take it one day at a time.  I will continue to be monitored, just on the postpartum unit instead now.  However, both Labor and Delivery and the postpartum unit are both full and not sure when I'll be moved, could be today...could be tomorrow.  I'm okay with this unknown though because I absolutely love my nurses!  

Ben and I talked after the doctors left and felt like it was best for him to go back to work at this time instead of sitting here with me.  With the doctor predicting Hudson a few weeks out now, so it only makes sense for him to go back to work.  

Psalms 139: 14 & 15. 

Monday, September 10, 2012

9-10-12 am

Happy Monday!  I can't speak for Ben, but let me say the caring medical staff is top of the line here!  Hudson was really good again this morning and stayed on the monitor for 90 minutes, the nurses are bragging on him if they can keep him monitored the whole time.  

Being on bed rest at the hospital doesn't mean you get that much rest.  Each morning at 4am, Hudson wakes up so of course I wake up and just as I go back to sleep in walks a medical student around 5am.  They ask every question under the sun, want to poke on me, listen to Hudson, listen to my heart and then they tell me to get some rest.  About 20 - 30 minutes after that the resident walks in and does the same song and dance.  Then I get some sleep again until the "team" does their rounds.  This morning they came in a little after 9:)  I couldn't even begin to spell his name out for you, but he told us to call him Mark.  He was the doctor that treated me when I had an episode last Wednesday.  He was glad to see that I'm doing much better.  He started talking about baseball terms, who's on first, etc...I laughed and said the most important thing is Hudson is still in the dugout!  He and the rest of the medical team got a good laugh at it.  I asked if they were going to do anything different today.  Answer was nope, just monitoring us and keeping an eye on my symptoms.  He reiterated again that because Hudson's feet are where they are, he could come at any time with no warning that's why I'm here.  He said with him still being so small he could come all the way out on his own or his head might get stuck.  And since there are so many unknowns they are not and will not take any chances on his life or mine.  Everyone seems to still be in a little shock he's not come yet.  He told me to keep doing what I'm doing because he's not here yet!

As for Hudson, he's been moving around all morning and doing his thing.  We cannot thank each and everyone of you enough for the prayers, thoughts, love and support you have shown us over the past weeks.  Please keep thoughts and prayers coming for Hudson, there are still a lot of unknowns that face us.  But one thing we know for sure is that God's got this!   

As for Colt, our four legged son.  Ben got to see him yesterday and he is having the time of his life at Grandma and Grandpa's (Ben's parents)!  Ben said the best news is he minds when it is time for bed, all they tell him is go to bed and he does!  Ben is a little jealous though, he said, where did I go wrong with him?  I couldn't help but laugh!    

Sunday, September 9, 2012


The doctors told us this morning that we are officially in the 26th week!!  Every day is a win that he stays in!  Hudson was a good boy today during the times that he was monitored.  He did not play hide and seek from the nurses as they attempt to get his heartbeat on the monitor so the doctors can look at it. 
Besides that, there really isn't much to report.  This is a good thing.  Every day is different and we'll see what tomorrow brings.
To think where we were a month ago and with talk about possible miscarriage, fluid in the baby's belly, calcification on the heart, you'll be lucky to make it to 24 weeks and so on has me proud of my little man for fixing himself of the fluid in his belly along with his strong heart.  The doctors are a little amazed that he is still incubating inside Kim.  Let's continue to amaze them Hudson. 

Saturday, September 8, 2012

9-8-12 early am

Hudson is a bit of a stinker!  He won't stay on the monitor unless I am in a certain position.  Sitting up at about a 45 degree angle.  And it is very hard to sleep at that angle.  So last night the doctors took him off the monitor for a few hours, but left me hooked up to the contraction monitor but that way I could get some sleep.  They hooked the monitor back up around 4:30am, and he was being good for a few hours.  But then the day nurse came on and he decided he was going to hide.  To the point that he ended up getting an ultrasound so we could make sure everything was okay.  He was hiding behind the placenta.  He is still feet first, strong heart beat.  The doctor said because he is so small and because we chase him all day/night that she was going to give him a break...and me a break from the monitoring.  She also said given my lack of symptoms I am not moving from Labor and Delivery because he could come at any time today or weeks from now.  Just waiting!  And we prefer to wait because the longer he stays put the more time he has to develop.

Friday, September 7, 2012


The doctors today discussed with us the details that surrounds an incompetent cervix.  Kim could be fully dilated but not experience any contractions and give birth.  All of this and she would not know how dilated she is.  Due to this condition, many women in similar situations have toilet births.  It is a scary thought to go to the bathroom and your child be born because you did not know about the signs.

Due to this, labor could occur at any point and be rather quick due to the lack of contractions and the size of the baby.  The doctors have told us they have been able to keep patients who are 3 cm dilated that way without increasing the dilation for several weeks.  However, there is no set way to do this as it varies on a case by case basis.  We are hoping Kim stays at 3 cm for several more weeks.

This is not much of an update in part due to an uneventful day.  As I write this it is storming outside in Indy, rather badly and every time it thunders Hudson kicks.  Kim says he doesn't like storms.  Hudson is rather famous for moving away from the monitors and giving the nurses a difficult time to pick up his heart rate.  He also will kick the monitors that are on Kim's stomach. We are lucky that we get to hear his heart rate all day and night long.

On other news, I did go on another short walk today and of course, only got semi-lost but quickly found my way back.  Maybe my next walk I won't get lost.  I was given a map just in case.

Thursday, September 6, 2012


Today was an uneventful day, which is good.  The motto of today was, no news is good news.  The one change that occurred was: they stopped the magnesium drip, which is a muscle relaxer for smooth muscles given through an IV to prevent the uterus from contracting.

As I write this, the only machines Kim is hooked up to is the saline drip to keep her hydrated and the monitor which monitors the baby's heartbeat and if Kim has any contractions.  Both of these have been in our favor today, the baby's heartbeat has been solid and no contractions for over 24 hours!!!  She is also on antibiotics given through the IV as a precaution due to the possibility of bacteria which is common among pre-term labors.

Kim is also on a soft muscle relaxer for her uterus to keep it calm and not get excited.  So far it is working!!!  Kim's symptoms have not changed and she is doing an excellent job of relaxing.

The staff we have dealt with have been nothing short of phenomenal! We couldn't have asked for a friendlier group of nurses that genuinely care about us along with being very knowledgeable to our needs as they routinely change.  We believe we are in the right place to deal with any issue that may arise in the future due to professionalism and preparedness of the staff!

I wanted to get some fresh air this afternoon so I decided to go on a walk around IUPUI.  I checked out my map and laid out a course of sightseeing.  I saw the new Wishard Hospital being built, the White River, Ronald McDonald house (which is where we might stay if Baby M requires a lengthy stay at Riley), and of course Riley Hospital for Children.  Upon attempting to make my way back to see Kim, I got lost and ended up in the back of the hospital where the loading dock and trash gets picked up at.  So I turned around and somehow found our parking garage and made my way back.  It was nice to get out and give Kim a break from me, I'm told I am really not that funny.  I don't think so but they are also my jokes and the nurses laugh.  The day shift nurse as she left for the evening said, "Boiler Up!" as she walked out the door and of course I repeated.


Wednesday, September 5, 2012

9-5-12 update

Today has been a full of emotion roller-coaster type day filled with moments of joy followed by new adventures to be had.  During the day today, we have gone from the Labor and Delivery OB-ICU to the Postpartum recovery unit for simple monitoring back to the OB-ICU.  This morning was rather uneventful, besides a move of rooms and Baby M not cooperating when it was time to put the monitor on him to check his heart along with Kim's contractions (she only had 1 or 2 but could not feel them).  Every time the nurses would put the ear phone type looking sensors on her belly Baby M would move around and they could not get a constant heart beat. As time passed our appointment for the ultrasound arrived and they finally gave up with the monitoring.

At the ultrasound the doctor could not find any fluid in the babies belly at all!!!  She said there might be some fluid there but it is only 1 mm in thickness and the doctors do not consider that ascites at all!! This is a huge victory!!  The doctor started to talk about releasing us to go home on Thursday or Friday then she checked the cervix.  "Wow" is what I heard and the doctor then quickly said you are not going anywhere.  We then switched rooms and are now back in the Labor & Delivery unit until the baby is born.  Why you ask?  Kim's cervix is 3 cm dilated but not in active labor.  She is currently on a magnesium drip to relax the uterus' muscles to prevent any contractions from occurring.  Kim is on hospital bed rest until delivery which could occur at any point.  The plan is to get another steroid shot tomorrow morning and again continue to monitor her symptoms.   

9-4-12 visit

Baby Murray is 25 weeks and 2 days at our appointment in Lafayette.

Baby Murray is doing great!!!!  He is measuring at 1 lb 12 oz.  He was breech during the ultrasound and sitting on my bladder.  The tech did several scans and couldn't find any fluid on his belly...Ben and I were in shock!  So thankful for our friends, family and perfect strangers that don't even know us that have continued to keep us in your thoughts and prayers.   So that is our great news...but with any great news comes not so great news.

My cervix is NOT great!  It is 0.27 cm from being nonexistence...which to put it as simply as the doctor put could go into labor any day/any time.  So Ben and I stayed at the doctors office until she had a chance to talk with our specialist.  And from their discussion we were sent to University Hospital in Indy to be monitored.  Babys heart beat has varied from 137 to 157...he is looking great!  I will have another ultrasound in the afternoon and from there...hopefully know more;)

The other good news is that Kim is not in active delivery.  We have been moved from the OB-ICU unit to the Postpartum unit (otherwise known as the recovery unit post labor & delivery).  Kim has received a steroid shot this morning to increase the rate of development for Baby Murray's lungs. The plan is to give her another steroid shot in the morning on Thursday and wait.  She will be monitored and on Friday the team of specialists, nurses, doctors, etc. will meet to discuss our case and decide on a course of action at that time.

We will update again after our ultrasound this afternoon.  Thank you's go to everyone for everything they have done to support us.