Thursday, September 13, 2012

9-13-12 happenings in room 2748

I was moved to the Post Partum unit aka "the ghetto" yesterday morning.  This is my 3rd room in this unit and by far the nicest.  

So one might wonder, what does one do on hospital bed rest? 
Let me give you a sneak peak into my day today:)

Midnight - came off the evening monitoring.
Roughly Midnight to 2am - the baby in the room next to me wasn't happy and cried!
Shortly after 2am - Went to dreamland.
5am - Woke up to have vitals taken, was assessed by the resident and was put on the monitors for 60 minutes. Talked to Ben and Ben got to hear Hudson's heartbeat.
6am - Came off the monitors, drank water and then went back to sleep.
8am - Woke up for another set of vitals, drank water and then went back to sleep.
9:45am - finally woke up to start off my day and drank more water.
10am - Ordered Breakfast: I decided to live dangerously this morning and went with bacon and silver dollar pancakes instead of my usual cereal.
10am-Noon - Did some work and drank water.
Noon - Ordered Lunch:  grilled cheese and fries...I figured that was a pretty safe bet! And started a romantic comedy on Netflix and drank water.  Got mail!  2 cards came in the mail, that's always fun:)  
1pm - Chaplin stopped in to see me and see show I'm coping with being on bed rest.  
1:30pm - Lunch arrives.  Talked to Ben.
1:35pm - Nurses arrive to put me back on the monitors for afternoon monitoring.
2:35pm- Came off afternoon monitoring and ate my lunch!  It was cold, but still good. and drank water.
3pm - Watched ELLEN!!!! and drank water!  Hudson loves Ellen, the whole time I'm watching it he kicks and moves around...I am thinking he is practicing his dance moves so he can be on the show some day.
4pm - Counted the ceiling tiles...there are 24 full tiles and 33 partial tiles. 
4:05pm - Walked to the fridge to get a snack!  I had a snickers bar, that and ice cream are the snacks Hudson craves!  And I drank more water.
4:05pm-7pm - Napped, drank water, visited with my nurses.  The one nurse that is in training is getting married in two months and she stressed with a new job and planning a wedding.  Ordered Dinner:  Taco Salad, it's one of my favorites on the menu!  Talked to Ben.
7pm - Dinner arrives.  and so does my Surprise ICE CREAM delivery!!!!  Sazabeth (my sister) brought me chocolate peanut butter ice cream and stayed for a visit!
8pm - Night nurse came in and took vitals.  Talked to my parents on the phone, even though I talk to them daily they asked why I hadn't updated the blog lately.  So, that and a few other inquiries from friends is what prompted this blog entry:)  

This is a clip from today's afternoon monitoring!

The rest of the night...10pm will go on for evening monitoring and talk to Ben again and drink more water and probably have my vitals taken one more time.

The nurses gave me a goal to drink 4 pitchers of water a day...which one pitcher is 28 ounces of water.  I'm on my 3rd pitcher right now...I'm trying!!!  I have to stay hydrated!

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