Monday, September 10, 2012

9-10-12 am

Happy Monday!  I can't speak for Ben, but let me say the caring medical staff is top of the line here!  Hudson was really good again this morning and stayed on the monitor for 90 minutes, the nurses are bragging on him if they can keep him monitored the whole time.  

Being on bed rest at the hospital doesn't mean you get that much rest.  Each morning at 4am, Hudson wakes up so of course I wake up and just as I go back to sleep in walks a medical student around 5am.  They ask every question under the sun, want to poke on me, listen to Hudson, listen to my heart and then they tell me to get some rest.  About 20 - 30 minutes after that the resident walks in and does the same song and dance.  Then I get some sleep again until the "team" does their rounds.  This morning they came in a little after 9:)  I couldn't even begin to spell his name out for you, but he told us to call him Mark.  He was the doctor that treated me when I had an episode last Wednesday.  He was glad to see that I'm doing much better.  He started talking about baseball terms, who's on first, etc...I laughed and said the most important thing is Hudson is still in the dugout!  He and the rest of the medical team got a good laugh at it.  I asked if they were going to do anything different today.  Answer was nope, just monitoring us and keeping an eye on my symptoms.  He reiterated again that because Hudson's feet are where they are, he could come at any time with no warning that's why I'm here.  He said with him still being so small he could come all the way out on his own or his head might get stuck.  And since there are so many unknowns they are not and will not take any chances on his life or mine.  Everyone seems to still be in a little shock he's not come yet.  He told me to keep doing what I'm doing because he's not here yet!

As for Hudson, he's been moving around all morning and doing his thing.  We cannot thank each and everyone of you enough for the prayers, thoughts, love and support you have shown us over the past weeks.  Please keep thoughts and prayers coming for Hudson, there are still a lot of unknowns that face us.  But one thing we know for sure is that God's got this!   

As for Colt, our four legged son.  Ben got to see him yesterday and he is having the time of his life at Grandma and Grandpa's (Ben's parents)!  Ben said the best news is he minds when it is time for bed, all they tell him is go to bed and he does!  Ben is a little jealous though, he said, where did I go wrong with him?  I couldn't help but laugh!    

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