Saturday, September 29, 2012

Overall today was a pretty good day.  The surgeon stopped by and is pleased with how his stoma (the area where his intestine is attached to the surface of his skin) looks along with the incision is healing.  We are still waiting for Hudson to push out a green, mucus like substance - aka his stool.  He weighed 2 pounds and 15 ounces today, however he still has fluid on his body from the surgery and swelling so that is not a true weight. 

The doctors continue to do blood gases and overall his numbers were better today.  To be more specific his PH stayed within the 7.2 area, Carbon Dioxide was high ranging from 62 - 75 and his acid level was much better going anywhere from a 0 to a -1.  They started him at 80% oxygen today and they weened him down to about 40% then back up again to 50% oxygen.  It's a constant battle of adjusting to what he needs. 

They ordered another chest X-ray tonight, he gets one daily already, to double check his lungs.  They still have fluid and still are hazy due to PIE. 

Hudson has definitely made it difficult on the nurses and respiratory therapists that are assigned to him.  Depending how he is positioned will determine how his oxygen level is.  Ideally they want it between 91-96.  He was on his belly and would range from 86 - 90.  They did everything they could to keep him there and raise his oxygen levels, well the little guy wanted to lay on his back and his levels instantly went up.  I guess we all have our favorite sleeping positions, why would he be any different. 

To give you an example of a ventilator adjustment they went from 360 breaths a minute to 300 breaths a minute of the JET ventilator.  I haven't quite figured out the logic behind it but I'm working on it.  There are so many components to the JET that I don't know if I can fully understand it before I go back and teach high school math again.  I do know that PIP refers to pressure he is getting from the machine.  This is similar to the pressure of the air at higher altitudes versus at sea level.  It's different and different pressures affect the lungs differently. 

"I'm in my favorite position today, with my diaper that is too big for me." - Hudson
Breakfast was great this morning at the Ronald McDonald house, Monkey Bread, fresh fruit, egg casserole thing with bacon and cheese, glasses of milk and orange juice.  Friday evenings meal consisted of Taco Salad, can we say YUMMY!!!  We are so thankful for the groups and people that take time out of their schedules to cook for us.  It is greatly appreciated. 

"Just can't get comfortable." - Hudson
"I can be a replacement referee. TOUCHDOWN!!" - Hudson
"I'm trying Mommy, I really am. My eyes won't open yet, but i'm trying my bestest." - Hudson

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