Friday, September 7, 2012


The doctors today discussed with us the details that surrounds an incompetent cervix.  Kim could be fully dilated but not experience any contractions and give birth.  All of this and she would not know how dilated she is.  Due to this condition, many women in similar situations have toilet births.  It is a scary thought to go to the bathroom and your child be born because you did not know about the signs.

Due to this, labor could occur at any point and be rather quick due to the lack of contractions and the size of the baby.  The doctors have told us they have been able to keep patients who are 3 cm dilated that way without increasing the dilation for several weeks.  However, there is no set way to do this as it varies on a case by case basis.  We are hoping Kim stays at 3 cm for several more weeks.

This is not much of an update in part due to an uneventful day.  As I write this it is storming outside in Indy, rather badly and every time it thunders Hudson kicks.  Kim says he doesn't like storms.  Hudson is rather famous for moving away from the monitors and giving the nurses a difficult time to pick up his heart rate.  He also will kick the monitors that are on Kim's stomach. We are lucky that we get to hear his heart rate all day and night long.

On other news, I did go on another short walk today and of course, only got semi-lost but quickly found my way back.  Maybe my next walk I won't get lost.  I was given a map just in case.

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  1. Here's hoping Hudson stays put. Hugs to the Murray family!