Thursday, September 6, 2012


Today was an uneventful day, which is good.  The motto of today was, no news is good news.  The one change that occurred was: they stopped the magnesium drip, which is a muscle relaxer for smooth muscles given through an IV to prevent the uterus from contracting.

As I write this, the only machines Kim is hooked up to is the saline drip to keep her hydrated and the monitor which monitors the baby's heartbeat and if Kim has any contractions.  Both of these have been in our favor today, the baby's heartbeat has been solid and no contractions for over 24 hours!!!  She is also on antibiotics given through the IV as a precaution due to the possibility of bacteria which is common among pre-term labors.

Kim is also on a soft muscle relaxer for her uterus to keep it calm and not get excited.  So far it is working!!!  Kim's symptoms have not changed and she is doing an excellent job of relaxing.

The staff we have dealt with have been nothing short of phenomenal! We couldn't have asked for a friendlier group of nurses that genuinely care about us along with being very knowledgeable to our needs as they routinely change.  We believe we are in the right place to deal with any issue that may arise in the future due to professionalism and preparedness of the staff!

I wanted to get some fresh air this afternoon so I decided to go on a walk around IUPUI.  I checked out my map and laid out a course of sightseeing.  I saw the new Wishard Hospital being built, the White River, Ronald McDonald house (which is where we might stay if Baby M requires a lengthy stay at Riley), and of course Riley Hospital for Children.  Upon attempting to make my way back to see Kim, I got lost and ended up in the back of the hospital where the loading dock and trash gets picked up at.  So I turned around and somehow found our parking garage and made my way back.  It was nice to get out and give Kim a break from me, I'm told I am really not that funny.  I don't think so but they are also my jokes and the nurses laugh.  The day shift nurse as she left for the evening said, "Boiler Up!" as she walked out the door and of course I repeated.


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