Thursday, September 20, 2012


Hudson did well overnight after switching over to a new ventilator (one that has more gadgets and gizmos than the previous one - he's a needy little guy).  His oxygen levels and carbon dioxide output are much better!! He received his 4th round of cerfactin which helps the lungs expand (this is usually created on his own after 48 hours).  He will not be getting any more because studies show nothing good comes by doing more round of it plus he should start creating it on his own. 

The surgeon said he is doing well based on his surgery last night.  He has his "sunglasses on" because he is getting treated for jaundice.  He doesn't have it yet but according to his blood work he is likely to get it so they are being proactive.  They did tell us they know what is going on with him before he does!! I like that a lot!! 

He had an stomach ultrasound this morning and we are awaiting the results.  He is also due to have more blood work done at 3 to check his gas levels in his blood.  At 6 pm tonight will be another chest X-ray.  This will be his 4th chest X-ray to look at the lungs and see how they are doing with what is called PIE's.  From my limited knowledge that is when the air sacs burst and now the air is outside the sacs on his lungs.  They were not good yesterday but this morning at 6 am they showed improvement.

All in all, the theme of the day is he is stable and improving.  They are going to do an ultrasound on the brain tomorrow to check for any bleeding that may be on the brain.  Let's hope there isn't any. 

Here is a picture of him today. :-) 

He is just like me too, he squirms when his feet are touched and his arm pits were sweating.  I hope Kim will be able to handle two of us! :-)  

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