Friday, September 28, 2012

9 Days Old

Yesterday there wasn't much to talk about and we fell asleep early on accident.  Today on the other hand has been eventful.  Hudson has had issues with his acidosis or acidity in the blood since his surgery.  It should be around a 0 and he has been anywhere from -10 to -5.  They thought with more fluids and a strong urine output, he would fix this himself.  He hasn't and they are still concerned.  So they are adjusting some things to help him get rid of it.

They did a chest X-ray this morning and found fluid in his lungs.  They decreased the amount of fluid he was receiving through an IV and increased some of his vent settings, did another X-ray and the fluid was GONE!!  However, the PIE was back.  Time to re-adjust the vent settings yet again.  His blood gas numbers indicate he is having trouble getting rid of the CO2 and thus his overall PH level is low.  "Adjust those vent settings doc!!!"  It's a game of what is Hudson going to do and how are we going to react to it.  They are also doing a blood culture and thinking it may be an infection of some kind.  The antibiotics he is on are general in nature.  If he is found to have an infection, they will treat it with a more specific type of antibiotic.  We are waiting on those results.   

Overall his swelling is much better as he is doing a great job of urinating it out (this is awesome!).  There is one spot on his head that is still holding extra fluid, which is expected due to the way he is positioned and will eventually go away.  Sticking with his head, they did another brain ultrasound and found 0 bleeding on the brain or IVH!!! Yay!!  They do not expect to see any bleeding on the brain and if they do it will be a rare case. 
He is starting to move more which is a sign he is doing better overall, however this is bad because he will want to start fighting the vent - that is bad.  To help him, they will sedate him so his lungs are working with the JET ventilator instead of against it. 

He is still being fed through an IV and has not had his first official stool yet.  Still waiting on that to occur as well.  His overall color looks good.  Enjoy the pictures.

"Don't stick that thing in my armpit again Mommy! Some other people do it every 4 hours." - Hudson

"Mom is changing my diaper and I am going to wet on her again!!" - Hudson
"How cool do I look with my shades on and my tongue sticking out. Laid back & relaxing is what I love doing these days." - Hudson

"I love belly time!!" - Hudson

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