Thursday, September 20, 2012

Hudson Arrives!!!!

The last 24 hours have been a whirlwind of emotions.  Kim went into labor and was moved from the post-partum unit to the OBICU at 11:45 am.  I got the call just as 3rd hour started at 11:30 am to get here fast.  So I ran out of the building to head that way.  At 12:29 pm Hudson Emmett Murray was born weighing in at 2 pounds and 4 ounces.  We do not have an official length on him yet.  We estimate around 13-15 inches.  He made it to 27 weeks and decided he couldn't wait any longer and entered our world, the same day as Ben's mom's birthday!!  Talk about a great birthday present!!!

I did miss the delivery but arrived in time to see him before the rushed him over to Riley.  Initially he did not need a breathing tube however he got worse and they put him on a ventilator at Riley.  Due to his stomach issue the doctors decided that he needed to have surgery to repair a torn intestine that was leaking into his stomach and causing stuff to be in places it shouldn't be.  So, they started that at 9:30 pm, 9 hours old and already having surgery.  The pediatric surgeons and neonatoligist came out about 20 minutes later and said they have a change in plan. 

Hudson's lungs are not doing well and he is not strong enough for major surgery.  So they are refocusing on improving his lungs and simply put a drain in his belly and rinsed out the inside to temporarily relieve any pressure and drain what needs drained.  The doctors did find baby poop in his belly and took that out.  He is doing well and we are about to go over and see him soon.

Hudson is hooked up to several monitors including: an oxygen monitor, blood pressure monitor, heart monitor, feeding tube, breathing tube, umbilical cord catheter in the vein and now a drain in his stomach.  All of that for a 2 pound baby. 

One note, when they did surgery on his last night on him the OR team came to him in the NICU.  It was an army walking in with all of the equipment, very overwhelming and information overload.

We will update the blog again later but enjoy some pictures of him. 


  1. Look at all his hair - so handsome. Congratulations you three. Lots of love, hugs and support!

    <3 Marci

  2. Awe, he's so precious and so tiny, congratulations Ben n Kim.