Monday, September 17, 2012


Happy Monday!

There was a team...literally!  Dr. Schnee (hospitalist), Dr. Schubert (specialist), Dr. Mayor (resident), and then 4 others...that invaded my room this morning:)

Anyways, they said everything was looking good.  My monitoring strip overnight and this morning looked really good, no signs of contractions.  Baby is still small so monitoring is difficult but they were happy with the strips they got.  Dr. Schubert then piped up and said our plan is to keep you here for several more weeks before we talk about letting you go home.  He said if there is no change in cervix or your symptoms then you could go home and be comfortable until you deliver.  So I asked the question.  Ok, so does that mean I'd deliver at IU Arnett or here at University Hospital?  He said the plan is still for me to deliver here at University Hospital.  Even though the fluid on Hudson has gone away, he still needs to be assessed and have access to Riley and the surgeons as soon as possible if there is a course of action that needs to be taken.  They told me to take it easy and enjoy my day.

This possibility made mine and Ben's day!  Granted, I still have weeks before anything will be discussed or decided.

Do me a favor and smile at everyone, just because you can!  It makes a world of difference when encountering a smile vs the alternative.

Enjoy your day and pass on the smiles:)

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