Tuesday, September 11, 2012


During my morning monitoring (4:30am) there were several contractions.  The nurses weren't concerned, so I tried not to be concerned.  Easier said than done.  All I kept thinking about was what if I don't feel anything and he comes.  So trying to sleep after that was a bit difficult.  I dozed off and on and I woke up thinking about my cousin Kerry, today he would have been 39 and my Grandpa Jack.  Two peas in a pod!  Anyways, the more I got to thinking about them, I told Kerry that he couldn't have Hudson as a birthday gift.  So Hudson and I will celebrate Kerry today with Ice Cream!!!!  And maybe some cake if someone brings me some...because the cafeteria cake is NO good!

As with any morning routine the doctors all came in to see me this morning (10am) and they had the ultrasound machine with them.  They wanted to check on Hudson's position.  In the last few days the lil stinker has flipped and is now head down!  Which is GREAT news!!!!  I asked about my contractions and Dr. Lee was not concerned.  She said that because I had just emptied my bladder it could have caused the few contractions, but she didn't see anything on my strip that would warrant her to think I was in labor or getting ready for labor.  The ultrasound showed that his lil bottom was just above my belly button, which I had thought was his head a few minutes before that.  Ooops!  I feel him move all the time, but never felt him change positions.  He's still so small though.

Because he is now head down, Dr. Lee is less concerned with delivery at any time.  She said it will be more like a few weeks from now.  We then asked about the likelihood of him flipping back and that is a very real possibility.  For now, we just continue to take it one day at a time.  I will continue to be monitored, just on the postpartum unit instead now.  However, both Labor and Delivery and the postpartum unit are both full and not sure when I'll be moved, could be today...could be tomorrow.  I'm okay with this unknown though because I absolutely love my nurses!  

Ben and I talked after the doctors left and felt like it was best for him to go back to work at this time instead of sitting here with me.  With the doctor predicting Hudson a few weeks out now, so it only makes sense for him to go back to work.  

Psalms 139: 14 & 15. 

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