Saturday, September 8, 2012

9-8-12 early am

Hudson is a bit of a stinker!  He won't stay on the monitor unless I am in a certain position.  Sitting up at about a 45 degree angle.  And it is very hard to sleep at that angle.  So last night the doctors took him off the monitor for a few hours, but left me hooked up to the contraction monitor but that way I could get some sleep.  They hooked the monitor back up around 4:30am, and he was being good for a few hours.  But then the day nurse came on and he decided he was going to hide.  To the point that he ended up getting an ultrasound so we could make sure everything was okay.  He was hiding behind the placenta.  He is still feet first, strong heart beat.  The doctor said because he is so small and because we chase him all day/night that she was going to give him a break...and me a break from the monitoring.  She also said given my lack of symptoms I am not moving from Labor and Delivery because he could come at any time today or weeks from now.  Just waiting!  And we prefer to wait because the longer he stays put the more time he has to develop.

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