Monday, September 17, 2012

Weekend Happenings in 2748 and beyond.

1.  My shower has really cool sound effects.  I keep waiting for take off!  That's right, it sounds like a jet engine.  Be shower is the coolest!

2.  Did you know there is a "cupcake truck" that parks on iupui's campus?  I've been on an obsession with cupcakes Friday night my parents bring me cookies from JoyAnn's bakery in Richmond and then cupcakes from the grocery.  Needless to say...I'm surprised there are any left, but I rationed so I could have some through the rest of the week.

3.  My sister, Lisa came to see me Friday night:)  She works in the building right next to the hospital I'm in...she told me she was sorry she hadn't been to see me earlier...but she forgets I'm here until after she's already on the interstate headed home.  HELLO!!! How could you forget about me?! KIKI!!!  It's okay, I'll remind her daily where I am now...just so she doesn't forget:)

4.  Ben and I ended up taking 3, yes 3, walks this weekend!!!  It was so nice to get fresh air and just soak in the sun!  I guess I should mention, Ben was doing the walking and in the wheelchair.  He got his exercise.  Thankfully he got me back to my room in one piece every time:)  He enjoyed showing me all of the different places, shortcuts, etc that he's found.  He took be around Riley, that building is massive!  We stalked the building that my sister Lisa works in...ok, it's really hard not to stalk because it is the building right next door on Michigan!  

5.  Friday night I was about to go crazy on the people standing outside my room.  10:30pm and the "guys" had stepped outside so that the Mom could feed the baby.  Loud and obnoxious...seriously...some people are trying to rest!  Thankfully for them I was being monitored so I was unable to get out of bed and say anything.

6.  Benny and I had a date night Saturday!  We rented Cars2 from the redbox downstairs and room service from the cafeteria.  It was probably one of my most memorable dates with Ben.  He was glued to the tv and laughed so hard!  I asked his rating at the end...not as good as Cars and he gave it a 6.  I would have never guessed that score from him.

7.  Friday night...had a room full!  It was a little overwhelming at first.  Both my sisters and my parents and then me and Benny!  And then we had Arni's, cupcakes and was my dream come true!  I'm such an eat sista!

8.  Hudson was his stubborn self this weekend...and made the nurses chase him!  So for two of his monitorings I had to be hooked up for an additional hour for them to get a good solid strip for the doctors.

9.  And of course it was a football weekend in 2748.  Colts pulled off a win...I'll admit I was a bit shocked because they didn't play that well.  My Sunday nurse, knows NOTHING about football and would ask what was going on each time she was in the room.  I was amused...Ben was not.  She was a sweetheart, but clueless about sports!  She said I know what a touchdown is!

10.  Had a few friends stop in over the weekend, it was so good to see familiar faces!

Drum roll please........don't be too jealous!

My Indy skyline night the view is just as spectacular!

That's right...I have a cement wall to look at...thank goodness I still have my sense of humor:)  

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