Sunday, September 30, 2012

Are you sitting down?

One thing I can always count on from Hudson is his ability to lay low and then make something big happen!  Remember, we are all on his time now.  He tells the medical staff when he needs more oxygen, more medicine, a new diaper, etc.  Anyways, we walk in to see him today and the nurse was so proud of him that he had his first stool.  Ben and I were so excited, then we learned he'd pooped in his diaper...which the surgeon had told us that having a poopy diaper was likely to happen and was a good thing.  The  nurse saved it for us to look at:)  We are so proud!

The excitement kind of died down, but then Hudson surprised us with more poo.  This time from his stoma!!!  This was what we've been praying for!!!!  It was hilarious:)  Hudson didn't have a bag on it yet, because the surgeon wanted his incision to heal up before they put a bag on...because of that Hudson had access to it!  He was a mess, he'd stuck his foot in the diaper that she'd started to clean him up with and then he stuck his hand in it and had it on his leg, ear, etc.  Ben and I were cracking up because who knew we'd get so excited with his first poop!  

I'm not like Ben and cannot recite the data driven numbers, but his numbers have been good.  He doesn't have another blood gas until 4am with his other labs:)  This makes Mama and Papa very happy!  It's so hard seeing him get stuck time and time again.  He got rid of his foot iv and his right arm iv.  He now just has the tubes in his mouth and his pic line.  

Hudson's color looks amazing today!  They took the light off of him for a bit so we could check out his lil face and he opened his eyes at us every now and then.  We talk to him daily and tell him about all the people out there that are praying for him, so excited to meet him, love him, etc.

Today's weight was 2 lbs 10 oz.  So hopefully soon...he can start getting breast milk and begin gaining good weight!!!  

Ben and I cannot thank you enough for everything!!!  Prayers, positive energy, love, thoughts and the list goes on and on...we love you all so much!

Enjoy some pictures from our Sunday with our handsome lil guy:)

Loving on Hudson:)

Trying to catch him with his eyes open, was like trying to find a needle in the haystack.  This was the best picture of him looking at us.

All cleaned up after his first poo from his stoma.  He's sporting his newest accessory...his bag!
BELLY TIME!!!!  And a closer view of his bag...don't worry there is nothing in it, yet!


  1. Kim and Ben I am so excited for Hudson's first poop!!! LOL I am so excited to hear about his improvements, prayer is amazing and you are all in my prayers everyday. I will continue to pray for all of you and for an amazing recovery of little Hudson!! Love you all!!

  2. It's amazing what God can do. prayers and love to the little man. His color looks so good. everybody is pulling for him to grow and be well. Time will bring him health and strength.