Friday, September 21, 2012

9-21-12 short ...will update more after sleep

We walked into Mod 1 tonight and saw the door was decorated ...Hudson and his roomies;)  it was too cute we had to share.  Hudson's nurses and all nicu team have been amazing...each person we talk to is so gentle and positive.

 I'm wearing Hudson's favorite shirt!
He had just had his blood drawn...on his left foot so he got an IU Red bandage:)  Daddy wasn't pleased...but the nurse is not a PU fan so he had a good time teasing Ben!
 His nurse last night spoiled him, making sure he was as comfortable as possible.  You might notice that he's wearing a bigger diaper now, he kept peeing out of his diaper so they couldn't get an accurate measurement on his output.

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  1. He looks good Kim! Proud of him for peeing out his diaper!! :)