Wednesday, September 5, 2012

9-5-12 update

Today has been a full of emotion roller-coaster type day filled with moments of joy followed by new adventures to be had.  During the day today, we have gone from the Labor and Delivery OB-ICU to the Postpartum recovery unit for simple monitoring back to the OB-ICU.  This morning was rather uneventful, besides a move of rooms and Baby M not cooperating when it was time to put the monitor on him to check his heart along with Kim's contractions (she only had 1 or 2 but could not feel them).  Every time the nurses would put the ear phone type looking sensors on her belly Baby M would move around and they could not get a constant heart beat. As time passed our appointment for the ultrasound arrived and they finally gave up with the monitoring.

At the ultrasound the doctor could not find any fluid in the babies belly at all!!!  She said there might be some fluid there but it is only 1 mm in thickness and the doctors do not consider that ascites at all!! This is a huge victory!!  The doctor started to talk about releasing us to go home on Thursday or Friday then she checked the cervix.  "Wow" is what I heard and the doctor then quickly said you are not going anywhere.  We then switched rooms and are now back in the Labor & Delivery unit until the baby is born.  Why you ask?  Kim's cervix is 3 cm dilated but not in active labor.  She is currently on a magnesium drip to relax the uterus' muscles to prevent any contractions from occurring.  Kim is on hospital bed rest until delivery which could occur at any point.  The plan is to get another steroid shot tomorrow morning and again continue to monitor her symptoms.   


  1. Great news that ascites has been ruled out! Little baby Murray just doesn't want to sit tight and wait this out does he? Reminds me of his parents! Kim, Ben and baby Murray - you all hang in there! You all are in my thoughts and prayers.

  2. Hi Kim! I wanted to send you the link to a blog that I read. She had her baby at 25 weeks and her daughter is now 1 and doing great. :) I thought it might help you to read some of her story, and she is a really wonderful writer.

    I'll be praying!!