Wednesday, September 5, 2012

9-4-12 visit

Baby Murray is 25 weeks and 2 days at our appointment in Lafayette.

Baby Murray is doing great!!!!  He is measuring at 1 lb 12 oz.  He was breech during the ultrasound and sitting on my bladder.  The tech did several scans and couldn't find any fluid on his belly...Ben and I were in shock!  So thankful for our friends, family and perfect strangers that don't even know us that have continued to keep us in your thoughts and prayers.   So that is our great news...but with any great news comes not so great news.

My cervix is NOT great!  It is 0.27 cm from being nonexistence...which to put it as simply as the doctor put could go into labor any day/any time.  So Ben and I stayed at the doctors office until she had a chance to talk with our specialist.  And from their discussion we were sent to University Hospital in Indy to be monitored.  Babys heart beat has varied from 137 to 157...he is looking great!  I will have another ultrasound in the afternoon and from there...hopefully know more;)

The other good news is that Kim is not in active delivery.  We have been moved from the OB-ICU unit to the Postpartum unit (otherwise known as the recovery unit post labor & delivery).  Kim has received a steroid shot this morning to increase the rate of development for Baby Murray's lungs. The plan is to give her another steroid shot in the morning on Thursday and wait.  She will be monitored and on Friday the team of specialists, nurses, doctors, etc. will meet to discuss our case and decide on a course of action at that time.

We will update again after our ultrasound this afternoon.  Thank you's go to everyone for everything they have done to support us.

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